How to Have a Greener Workout

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Exercising and being green are part of living a healthy lifestyle, so it makes sense to combine the two and make your workouts more eco-friendly. It may seem like there is not much you can do to green your workout, but there are small changes you can make that, after awhile, can come together and make a big difference.

Use a reusable water bottle

Instead of grabbing a new plastic water bottle each time you do your workout, consider buying a reusable water bottle. You can save money in the long run and it is a much more eco-friendly option. In addition, the bottle itself will most likely be much easier to grip and hold on to while you are exercising.

Wear thrift store workout gear

When you head into a thrift store, you will notice the racks of clothing that would be perfect to throw on and not worry about getting dirty and grimy. Some of the clothing pieces can cost only a few dollars, so you can save a good amount of money. If you are worried about looking fashionable as well, do not worry, you are bound to find many items that would look perfect in your wardrobe.

Workout without using electricity

Instead of using a treadmill or any other piece of exercise equipment that requires electricity, do exercises that do not require it at all. For example, you can go for a bike ride, go speed walking or use free-weights. It will save you money on electricity and is better for the environment.

Don’t drive to your workout area

Instead of driving to your local park or gym to work out, ride your bike or walk. Driving causes a huge amount of CO2 emissions and requires that you spend money for gas. In addition, walking to your workout location can be considered an extra bit of exercise in itself.

Exercise can make you feel great knowing that you are bettering yourself and living a healthier lifestyle. Greening your workout allows all that and help you keep extra money in your pocket. You can feel better knowing that you are doing something healthy for yourself and that your workout will have a positive impact on the environment.