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written by: Robin L.•edited by: Niki Fears•updated: 5/31/2009

Not sure how to start living the recycling lifestyle? has the tools you need to get started easily.

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    Who hasn’t heard that recycling is one of the best ways to protect the environment? There are all sorts of benefits to recycling. Creating aluminum from ore requires 95% more energy than recycling aluminum. Glass can be recycled indefinitely and recycling just one ton saves about ten gallons of oil. The benefit to recycling paper is a bit more obvious. Recycled paper helps reduce the number of trees removed from the world’s forests each year.

    Aluminum, glass, and paper are just a few of the items Earth911 can help you recycle. Earth911 allows you to search for a recycling center by type as well as by location. Some of the more uncommon items you can find recycling centers for include hazardous materials like batteries, medications, fire extinguishers, pesticides, and pool chemicals. Common electronic items that many people may not think to recycle are also listed such as video games, MP3 players, office machinery, and televisions. There are even recycling centers for household and gardening items and automobiles along with their various components.

    In addition to providing resources for locating recycling centers, Earth911 also has a weekly newsletter that provides information about going green. Tips on recycling, green products, and reducing your carbon footprint have all been past topics.

    The information on Earth911 isn’t limited to just their website either. They have an iPhone applications that lets you search from your phone in case you don’t have access to your computer. This makes it easy to recycle while traveling out of town. If your website or blog is green there is also a widget you can use to let your readers learn how easy it is to recycle in their town.

    The searchable database provided by Earth911 will help you find recycling locations for items you probably already know you should recycle as well as items you may not have thought about recycling before. Take the time to check out the website and then begin recycling!

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