Natural Botox Alternatives and Organic Anti-aging Skin Care

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All About Botox

Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox Cosmetic) is made for people aged 18 to 65 who have moderate to severe frown lines in between their eyebrows. When this filler is injected into the skin, it reduces muscle contractions so that the wrinkles appear less prominent. It’s recommended that you receive injections every four months, because discontinuing treatment will only cause the wrinkles to reappear.

Individuals sometimes experience swelling, redness, pain and bruising or bleeding at the injection site. However, serious heart problems and allergic reactions are a rarity. If you’re thinking about Botox Cosmetic, you should inform the physician if you’re pregnant or on any medications.

Anti-wrinkle Alternatives

Botox Cosmetic is a popular prescription for wrinkles, but if you don’t want to inject toxins into your face, you can opt for a more natural option. Alternatives to Botox include microdermabrasion treatments and organic creams. Although Restylane is a non-animal-based filler, it along with Botox, has been tested on animals. Unlike Botox, Restylane is made from a hylauronic acid gel that is similar to the human body’s hylauronic acid, but it still has to be injected into the skin.

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic process that uses abrasive crystals. It is less painful than injections, and it resurfaces the skin making it smooth and glowing. The fine crystals buff away sun-damaged skin, scars, dark spots and fine lines. Products have even been developed so you can pamper your skin at home. Nature’s Gate has developed a microdermabrasion system, which uses certified organic botanicals.

Organic creams and skincare products can also help turn back the hands of time. Burt’s Bees has created Naturally Ageless Line Smoothing Eye Crème and Naturally Ageless Intensive Repairing Serum, which use the anti-oxidant power of pomegranate extract. Yes to Carrots also has an under eye cream and gel, which use green tea, aloe-vera and chamomile to nourish and calm puffy skin. Freeze 24-7 is another product that isn’t tested on animals and doesn’t contain animal by-products.

These are some of the best organic anti-aging skin care alternatives, which will nourish your face with natural ingredients instead of filling it with toxins. Don’t forget that ageless skin can also be a result of good skin care maintenance.