Eco Pens: Choices for Environmentally Friendly Ink Pens

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Zebra Eco Pens:

Zebra Eco Pens are made from 70% recycled materials, which are post consumer waste materials. Zebra Eco Pens are made from recycled compact discs, shopping baskets, car battery cases, car headlights, and materials from LCDs and cell phones. The packaging for Zebra Eco pens are made from 100% recycled materials. Zebra doesn’t just have pens that are eco friendly. They also have mechanical pencils, highlighters, and correction tools.

Eco Promotional Products, Inc.:

Eco Promotional Products creates a wide variety of eco friendly products, from apparel to writing journals. They have a wide variety of eco friendly pens, pencils and highlighters. One great pen is the recycled gel roller pen, which is made from 57% recycled plastic. It is also refillable, so you would only need to replace the ink, not the entire pen. .

ProBamboo TornadoTM by Retro 51:

This pen is the ultimate eco friendly pen! Retro 51 donates to the Arbor Day Foundation every time a pen is purchased. These donations help to save 250 square feet of rain forest. The barrel of the ProBamboo Tornado pen by Retro 51 is made from, well, bamboo, a natural and renewable resource. It comes with an engraved animal on the barrel of the pen, sometimes a panda and sometimes a frog.

Terra Cycle Pens:

Terra Cycle makes some great, eco friendly pens. They have a paper pen, a corn pen, and a biodegradable pen. The paper pen is made from used newspapers and 100% recycled paper. The corn pen is made from Mater-Bi, which is derived from cornstarch. The pen is biodegradable and will break down in about twelve months after being thrown out.

Eco Friendly Pen Tips:

Reuse the barrels of your pens and just order or buy the ink refills. This will reduce the waste you create when replacing pens.

Only use pens that have been made from over 50% recycled materials – the more the better.

Try using a fountain pen! Fountain pens are reusable. You need only buy the ink reservoir to replace it when the ink runs out and it is quite small.

Start with these eco friendly pens from Zebra Eco Pens, Eco Promotional Prodcuts, Inc., ProBamboo TornadoTM by Retro 51, and Terra Cycle Pens.