Organic Hair Care

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Spritz it Up

When the humidity kicks in during the summertime, hairspray and mousse are your best friends. In a few seconds, your hair is in place and never going to move until you say it’s okay. But did you ever think about what ingredients make those products so effective? Some make your eyes tear, your hair dry out and your breathing stop (that is, until the hairspray clouds settle). However, alternative hair care products can provide the same results without the harm and discomfort. Some are even so organic, you could drink them (but this is not the recommended use).

The Problem

Allergic reactions and toxic chemicals shouldn’t be a risk of spraying down your hair but they are. Some hairsprays contain methylene chloride, tragacanth and gum arabic, which are harmful enough to provoke a negative reaction from your body. Many traditional hair products including mousse and hair spray are not 100 percent safe, and this can have an affect on your health as well as the environment.

Organic Hair Care

Have you noticed that your hair is drier and your ends are more split since you started using mousse? Although mousse is an excellent hair solution when you’re trying to slick your hair back or scrunch it, it can also cause damage if it contains harsh chemicals. Natural hair mousse doesn’t contain those drying ingredients that strip your hair of moisture and oil. Instead, they contain botanical extracts such as lavender, ginseng, cucumber and rosemary as well as pro-vitamin B-5. These plant proteins add body, shine and strength to your hair.

If you’re addicted to hairspray, you might notice more acne breakouts around your face and neck. By avoiding traditional hairsprays, you can reduce those unsightly blemishes and spray fruit-based and antioxidant-rich ingredients onto your hair such as black cumin, pumpkin, red grace, red raspberry and cranberry. These are some of the actual ingredients in Aveda’s hairspray.


When switching to the safer hair care alternatives, it’s important to look for formulations that are 100 percent safe and are derived from plant-based materials. Chemicals such as alcohol, petrochemicals and synthetics shouldn’t be on the ingredients list. Aveda’s Original Organics, Burt’s Bees, Kiss My Face and Planet Botanicals are just some of the companies that have created organic hair care. Many of these products can be found in your local shopping center or hair salon.