How to Reuse Wire Hangers

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Many people buy wire hangers or have them left over from the dry cleaners. After awhile of them accumulating, you may be one of the people tempted to toss them into the trash or recycling. Before you dispose of them, consider trying one of the alternatives and getting some use out of them.

Make a mobile

This can be a great craft project for a parent and child to do together. Take a few pieces of yarn or string and hang them from the straight part of the hanger. Take a few pictures, whether they are cutouts from a magazine or photographs, and then punch a hole in the top center of each one. Tie the string from the hanger through the hole in the picture, tie it in a knot, and your mobile is complete. The hanger gives ease to hang it almost anywhere.

Give them to the dry cleaner

They can go through many hangers a day. If you do not need them, consider giving them back so they can reuse them for someone else’s dry-cleaning. Some places may even give you a few cents off for each hanger you bring in.

Use them to control plants

You can go about doing this two ways. The first way is to leave the hanger intact and use it to control vines, such as those on tomato plants, by wrapping the vines around the hanger and sticking the one end of the hanger into the ground. If need be, you can glue two hangers together from end to end and stick one end into the ground. Another option is to cut a hanger in half at the side points and stick each end in the ground to help control plants.

Use them to make wreaths

Whether it is Christmas or Easter, many people love hanging wreaths in their home or on the front door. Use the wire hangers to form the base for the wreaths that you can decorate for various holidays and give away as gifts. Hold the hook part of the hanger and form the rest of it into a full circle. It gives you an even shape to work with and saves you from having to purchase any of the bases in a store.

Wire hangers can take up a lot of space in your home and in the landfill. Putting them to use can be a good idea all the way around.