How to Reuse Easter Grass

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If you receive a gift basket or two for Easter, you probably end up with chunks of leftover Easter grass. You may wonder if you can actually do anything with it besides throw it out. Surprisingly, there are actually some reasons to hold onto that Easter grass.

Use it For Packing Material

Easter grass is fluffy when it is in a ball and holds nicely together. This can make a perfect cushion for any items that you have to ship. Whether you are shipping your items in an envelope or a box, throw some of the Easter grass in and keep your item safe from damage.

Give it to Your Kids For Crafts

Instead of drawing grass, children can grab a bunch of Easter grass and glue it onto their pictures. If your children make Easter cards have them use the grass to decorate the front of the card, turning a plain card into one that has a little more dimension. This should be a craft for older children; however, they should still be supervised the entire time they are using the Easter grass to make sure they do not ingest it.

Use it in Easter Centerpieces

There are several Easter centerpieces that you can make using Easter grass. Instead of disposing of it, put it all in a bag and make plans to create a centerpiece next year. It can be used in anything from the bottom of a display Easter basket to the grass in a 3D Easter scene. You can even temporarily put it in planters on the top of soil and decorate with some Easter eggs to give your home a more Easter or spring feeling.

While Easter grass may seem like something to not think twice about disposing of, it is an item that can easily be stored considering it is compactable and can be reused in the future. Since Easter grass is made of plastic, it can hold up and last for several years without having to be replaced. Reusing Easter grass can save you money and be one less item that you contribute to your garbage.