Computer Recycling Programs That Help You Make Money

Make money recycling your old computer.

Your old computer may help you buy a new one.

If you’re interested in computer recycling or electronics recycling, there are lots of places that will take your item and properly dispose of it for free. But to be extra green (for your wallet) – there are many businesses that have computer recycling or electronics recycling rebate programs. You’ll help save the environment and save money.

Here are some companies that have computer recycling and electronics recycling programs that will give you money back on your next purchase:

Apple has an iPod recycling program. According to their website you can drop off your old iPod and get a ten percent discount on the purchase of a new one.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has a trade in program for computer recycling. You can go online, and get a free quote on an old computer, printer or fax. First, you type in exactly what product you want to recycle, then HP will tell you what your rebate will be. I found out that if I buy a new computer from them, they’ll pay $170 dollars for my old (Dell) laptop. They also run specials for computer recycling and electronics recycling. If you want more information on the HP computer recycling programs, click here.

At Sony, they run various programs that give you rebates for computer recycling and electronics recycling. All you have to do is go to their recycling program page to find their latest offers.

Sprint has a buyback program in which recycling certain Sprint or Nextel phones can get you an account credit.

Toshiba also has a program in which you can trade in electronics for cash. Go to their website’s Trade-in center, and you can find out how much money computer recycling or electronics recycling – can make for you.

Finally, you might also consider eBay, the online auction website. Computer recycling here can make you an extra few bucks, and they have a “rethink initiative” (available here) – in which they’re trying to make it easy for people to recycle electronics. Several companies are participating in that project.

Overall, these computer recycling and electronics recycling programs will help you be green, and will save some green, too.