Global Volunteers Reviews: Sustainable Vacations Around the World

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Green Vacations: Global Volunteers

Taking a green vacation is one way to help educate yourself and promote the protection of the environment. One travel group, called Global Volunteers is dedicated to providing you and your family with an educational vacation while helping to support local communities and the world’s overall environmental consciousness. Their goal is to help create sustainable communities throughout the world with the cooperation of people like you who are willing to take a vacation for a cause.

They have different types of vacations in different locations that offer various levels of service through out the year. For example, the general vacation time for international service lasts for two to three weeks, while in United States service areas are only one week vacations. There is also a standard background check time period for each traveler. This means that everyone, even a family of five who wish to have a green vacation through the Global Volunteers packages needs to be screened for both United States security and for whatever country that you are traveling to. You can read through the full application process at Global Volunteer’s How To Apply page.

Trips to South Africa or India

One of the trips to be experienced in South Africa is by helping to rebuild the village of Malungeni after the end of the apartheid. Help is needed to rebuild a sustainable way of life on many levels, from education to running water and agriculture. The Malungeni trip is a three week vacation in the heart of South Africa and the home of two Nobel Peace prize winners: President Nelson Mandela and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Another trip package that is offered is in Chennai, India. Currently, there are over five thousand child laborers and families living in poverty. Your service there will be to help these children through education and establishing sustainable agriculture so generations of young lives can be taught to be self sufficient and raise their communities up past poverty in the process. You’ll be helping to improve medical conditions, build homes and schools with sustainable green building practices all while giving some TLC to little ones who need it.

Through Global Volunteers, you can go close to anywhere in the world through their service travel packages. From Greece, Italy, Portugal and even China there maybe a trip package for you or your family. You can learn more through their main website at: