What to Do With Unwanted Gifts?

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As much as we would love to adore every single present that we get, chances are we won’t. Those gifts can end up sitting in the back of the closet collecting dust and taking up space until we realize it’s there, and we toss it out. Instead of filling up the landfill and our closets with unwanted Christmas gifts, consider trying some of these options.

Some organizations still collect brand new toys and items as gifts to underprivileged families even a few days after Christmas. There are also donation drop boxes everywhere that the items can be tossed into. Pack up the item and send it on its way to someone who could use it.

Refurbish your unwanted Christmas gift

You can probably remember at least one hideously ugly piece of clothing that you’ve gotten as a gift at some point. It probably got stuffed into the back of a drawer where it was forgotten about. Consider refurbishing the item before getting rid of it. For sweaters, consider cutting off the sleeves to make leg warmers that you can wear under pants when it’s freezing out and turning the rest of it into a scarf or hat. If you got a horribly ugly scarf, consider dying it and cutting it. In some cases, taking tacky trim off the ends and changing the color can make a big difference. For ties, give it to the woman in your life to use as a belt or headband.

Sell your unwanted Christmas gift

Who can’t use some extra money? Some items could actually fetch a good amount, especially if it’s brand name and brand new. Even if you get a few dollars for it, it’s better than having it sit around your home not being used. You get some money and someone who really wants it can enjoy it.

While you may be under the impression that you have to keep every present for year,s even if you don’t want it, the giver’s feelings may be more hurt to find that it was never used, and it’s covered in dust. The giver could see it as a triple whammy; the gift wasn’t appreciated, you let their money go to waste and the gift was disrespected by treating it like garbage. You’re better off finding a better use for the Christmas gift then letting it go to waste.