Simple Ways to Reuse an Old Comforter - Tips for Reusing & Recycling Sheets & Bedding

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After a comforter has served its purpose of keeping you toasty in chilly temperatures, you may be one of the many people who toss it into the garbage. Before you do, take another look and consider the other many uses it has. From turning it into a pet bed to transforming it into an organizer, it can have an entirely new life and even save you money in the process.

Transform the comforter into a bed for your pet

Many dogs and cats love being able to form their bed the way that they feel comfortable. If you give them a cozy comforter, you won’t have to toss it out into the garbage and your much-loved pet gets a new bed. It’s also much easier to throw into a washer to clean then some pet beds.

Put it aside for when you go on picnics

Instead of buying a new blanket to take with you when you go on picnics or using one that’s in pristine condition, consider giving your old comforter a new purpose as a picnic blanket. In addition, if you get it dirty or stained you won’t have to worry that you just ruined it.

Place it on the floor when a baby is crawling around

Babies aren’t typically the cleanest, especially while they crawl about the floor. Unfortunately, some of the stains are tough to remove out of a carpet; the floor can also be rough on a baby’s legs and knees. If you’re busy with the baby, the last thing you want to take time out for is to scrub a stain out of the carpet. To help with all these issues, put a clean, old comforter on the floor so the baby can comfortably crawl around. If there are any messes, it’s an easy clean up by throwing the blanket in the wash.

Transform it into an organizer

Cut a piece of fabric out of the comforter that will be the base for the organizer. The other piece will be used to make the pockets. Cut squares out of it, place those squares on your organizer base and sew the sides and bottom of the pockets onto the base. You can use it to organize everything from craft supplies to mementos that you want protected.


If you don’t want to reuse the comforter around your home, there are plenty of places that will happily take it as a donation.