Simple Ways to Reuse Old Calendars - Try These Fun Recycling Tips at Home!

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If you toss your calendar at the end of the year, you’re not alone. Many people do the same thinking that it has no other purpose. Because of the beautiful pictures, you can tear the calendar apart and reuse it for anything from packing material to a craft project. Before tossing the calendar, take another look at another purpose it can serve.

Create note cards from the pictures in calendars

Go to your local craft store and pick up some card stock. Fold one piece to your desired shape, cut the picture from the calendar to fit the front of the card then glue it on. You created your own personal note cards for very little money, and you can hold onto the card stock to do the craft project again next year.

Glue the picture onto a plain wooden box

Your local craft store will have plain boxes that you can decorate as you wish. Cut up the picture from the calendar to fit either the top of the box or every side of the box if you would like it completely covered. Glue the picture on, smooth it out then give it time to dry. It will make an interesting item to keep for yourself or to give someone as a gift.

Crumple the date pages to use as packing material

Since the pages are usually more sturdy then newspaper, they can make great packing material for items that you’re shipping or storing. You can either wrap the pages around the items or crumple them up into tight balls and put them in between the items to keep them from bouncing around and getting damaged. For items that have a space inside, such as a glass, put a crumpled piece inside for added protection.

Use the pictures to decorate the cover of a plain journal

A journal is supposed to be a place where you write down your deepest thoughts or even your day to day activities. Finding a journal with a cover that you like may be a bit difficult, so instead, consider creating your own. Buy a plain journal that has a flat front, and cut your favorite calendar picture to fit the cover. Glue it on, smooth it down and give it time to dry. Every time you use the journal, you have a great picture to greet you before you open it up.

Reusing your old calendars is a great way to keep paper out of the trash and turn otherwise boring items into something interesting.