What is Natural Fiber Clothing? What Types of Natural Fibers Used to Create Eco-Clothes?

How is Natural Fiber Clothing Different from Organic Clothing?

There are many ways to help preserve nature. One of the best ways to take care of Mother Nature is to change our style of clothing. Today, the use of natural fiber clothing is more prevalent among green-thinkers than it was for organic clothing a few years ago. In fact, natural fiber clothes are next-generation organic clothes. The clothes use naturally-made fibers without the use of chemicals. Another significant aspect is the natural procedure involved in manufacturing such clothes. Hence, it ensures eco-friendly clothing without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Purchasing more and more organic fiber clothing will be more beneficial to the environment in a more indirect way:

  • It will help decrease the use of pesticides, thereby protecting land
  • Absence of pesticides would ensure chemical-free environment, thus preventing any chemical-related diseases.
  • No pesticides mean zero-side effects on plants.

Organic clothing uses organic materials such as cotton. But, the use of chemicals is inevitable while processing organic materials. This is not the case with natural fiber clothing as it not only uses organic materials, but also ensures there are no chemicals used to create such clothing. Moreover, the method of processing and creating is done manually or with the help of simple equipments.

Types of Natural Fibers Used to Manufacture Clothes

Generally, organizations specializing in manufacturing natural fiber clothing use strong elastic fibers, vegetable fibers or protein fibers. These natural fibers have their own properties. Here are some natural fibers that are used in such type of clothing:


Silk is known for its strength and resiliency. It is the strongest of all natural fibers. Processing care is taken so that there is no negative impact on the environment and no harsh chemicals are used on silk.


The fallacy that hemp fibers contain any narcotic chemicals is not true at all. Hemp is created from the stems of the Cannabis sativa plant, and is one of the world’s most eco-friendly natural fibers. The process of farming hemp should be taken with care. Farming requires little water. It can grow easily without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. Moreover, the long roots of hemp plant prevent soil erosion.

China Grass:

China Grass, or Ramie, as it is often called, is one of the strongest natural fibers used in natural fiber clothing. It is a stem fiber and has been used since ancient times. This fiber is a smooth, refined and durable natural fabric, and is very comfortable to wear during warm weather.