The World’s Most Eco-friendly Monitor! LG The Flatron W2252TE

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More and more PC manufacturers are jumping on the green bandwagon but one this that has been holding them back for some time now is power-greedy monitors.

In 1992, the EPA launched the Energy Star program and specifications were updated in 2007 for all types of computers, monitors and game consoles. Energy Star increased its criteria based on the fact that today computers are in use for more hours per day than ever before.

To meet energy saving standards, new computers must be in line with the new energy use criteria while in standby and sleep modes as well as while in use. Computers that qualify are at least 80 percent more efficient than those without the label.

In June 2008, LG unveiled the Flatron W2252TE, which is currently toting the title “world’s greenest monitor.” According to LG, the 22-inch widescreen LCD features a 1689 x 1050 resolution and a 170 degree viewing angle and 10,000:1 DFC. What’s more LG says it consumes only 22W in use and a mere 0.3 in standby mode. These numbers are impressive compared to an average monitor which can suck in between 35-90W. The Flatron means a significant saving on power bills.

But is the W2252TE all it’s cracked up to be? According to independent tests by CNET, the monitor performs even better than expected, drawing in only 18.8W in use and less than 0.1 in standby mode, and that’s not all, neither the performance nor the quality of graphics is impaired by the eco-conscious power use.

The monitor is aesthetic with clean lines, smooth curves and a glossy finish. There are no integrated speakers but it comes with the usual DVI and VGA inputs and it is a breeze to use.

Sadly, though the monitor may be the most eco-friendly in the world so far, it is not completely green because it is constructed from materials that are harmful to the planet.

The Flatron W2252TE is available for around $378