Green Printing with GreenPrint World - Green Computing Software Review

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We all know that the less you print the better, for obvious eco-reasons such as reducing consumption of paper, ink and energy. But sometimes you have to have a hard copy of a document. The problem is, when you’re printing a document, particularly from the internet, you often end up with a lot of information, or wasted space that you could have done without. This of course consumes more paper and ink that necessary. So how can you use your printer and still have the minimum impact on the environment?

GreenPrint Technologies have come up with a solution. GreenPrint World is a software package for home use. It removes those wasteful pages that crop up bearing only an advertising banner, URL, or run-over columns before you print- problems virtually every computer user encounters. You can also avoid including unwanted images and easily and economically print PDF files. What’s more, it’s free for home use (an Enterprise version is available at a cost).

How GreenPrint World Works

You can use GreenPrint to print from any program. The program is simple to download and installs as a separate printer which you can set as your default if you wish to. When you want to print simply use the button in the file drop-down menu as you would normally. After a few seconds, the GreenPrint window will open and the program will run through an analysis of the document and compress it to the minimum number of pages by removing unnecessary jargon. You can customize various parameters so the program will automatically remove all or selected images, or do this manually each time you print. . When it comes to printing PDF files, GreenPrint provides you with a simple, page by page layout so that you can select the relevant items without having to print the whole document. The program also keeps a tally of how many pages you save and translates that into how much money you have saved.

You can’t beat this program when you absolutely have to print. It allows you to eliminate jargon and waste space, consume less ink and energy and save trees all in one free package.