Green Computing Strategy and Tools with Green IT Guide and Toolkit

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Creating an Overall Strategy and Plan (4 out of 5)

The Green IT Guide and Toolkit by Terrabytes consulting is a comprehensive plan for assessing your company’s current “green” situation and implementing a green IT strategy and program. Considering the complexity and effort behind developing a strategy and a plan, finding not only a template, but also a set of tools usable in capturing important performance metrics may be a time and money saver for you. Let’s take a look at the contents and see why it may be worth the money.

Benefits (4 out of 5)

The Green IT Guide and Toolkit includes general information as well as specifics for a Green IT assessment, strategy, project plan, implementation, and review. The toolkit provides in depth industry standard spreadsheets and even a presentation template for the results.

The Guide also clearly delineates a five phase project plan for your Green IT initiative. The plan includes creation of your project charter, the assessment, implementation, review and communications, and progress evaluation. This well thought out plan is laid out in detail, with explanations and guidelines for step-by-step execution. Best practices are explained in detail.

Action steps including policies and procedures for purchasing, recycling, measuring efficiency, extending investment lifespans, and more are all here. Steps for reducing energy consumption and communicating the plans as well as the results are all here.

White papers, detailed references and links are included if you need more information or need to validate policies, procedures, or standards.

Pricing (5 out of 5)

The Green IT Guide and Toolkit is regularly $249, but is on sale at 50% off for the remainder of June for $124.50. You can purchase from their website:

Closing Thoughts

I was impressed with the thoroughness of the guide and while I did not get to work through the tools, I believe the product will be well worth the money for businesses without experience in Green IT or without the time to develop a project strategy and plan on their own. With the guide and tools, even a neophyte in green computing will have what he or she needs to get started, follow through, and make the case to management and stakeholders in green IT initiative. Even if you’re not sure that you want or need to “go green” right now, the information is as informative and educational as any I’ve found. I recommend it.