Save Money & Reduce Waste by Defragmenting your Company Computers

Save Money & Reduce Waste by Defragmenting your Company Computers
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What does it do?

Defragmentation is an important process that all computer users must use at least periodically. It keeps their hard drive working at its top capacity by ridding it of unneeded files, as well as organizing other data within it. While it is not so much of an unknown fact that defragmentation will help preserve your hard drive’s life span, others don’t really consider how it can actually reduce your computer’s energy consumption.

How does it work?

Take this into consideration: the more organized your hard drive is, the harder it needs to work while it searches and stores data. The less time it takes, the quicker it will be able to work. In turn, it will require far less energy in order to do its job: storing, finding and removing data.

Diskeeper Corporation was kind enough to let Bright Hub borrow some of its research and test results in regards to the defragmentation program, Diskeeper. Results have shown that by defragmenting the hard drive on a regular basis, one computer can have up to an annual energy savings of $21.86. One will look at that and not think it’s particularly impressive. However, for businesses with multiple computers who use a defragmentation program like Diskeeper, a workstation of 250 computers can add to a savings of up to $5465.33. To read more about these results, check out the Press Release found at Diskeeper’s website, as well as their test results.

We also have a fine review of the software here at Bright Hub, written by Jake Shores.

Reducing Waste

While the information above can surely benefit many businesses with many computers, we shouldn’t neglect other important factors, such as the environment. While the energy savings are indeed valuable and do add to the idea of green computing, don’t forget about the extended lifespan of a computer’s hard drive. The longer it can work at top capacity, the less likely either the hard drive, or the entire computer itself, will have to be replaced. More money can be saved this way. On top of that, a considerable amount of waste reduction in regards to hardware will be noticed at landfills.

Saving money and reducing waste. It is indeed very possible, so for business owners, applying defragmentation has multiple benefits. Why not give it a try?