CO2 Saver Review - Windows Power Management Tool

CO2 Saver Review - Windows Power Management Tool
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CO2 Saver is a freeware Windows power management program, helping you to manage your PC power consumption as a way of saving energy and therefore reducing carbon emissions. This helps to protect the atmosphere from harmful greenhouse gases. It is extremely lightweight, and only acts when your computer is idle.

Power Saving Options

Most users will notice that CO2 saver duplicates the functionality already within Windows power management options of the Control Panel. It provides you with options regarding how long your computer must be idle for before the screen turns off, before it goes onto standby, and before the hard disks turn off. This can be as little as a few minutes, to a number of hours. For your convenience CO2 saver also adds preset common power options, including extreme saving and more moderate options.

Additional Features

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Some users who were not aware of the power options available in Windows may appreciate the options that CO2 saver provides. However, for those who already use Windows power options there is the added benefit of a search function (easily accessible from the windows task bar) as well as a CO2 calculator showing you how much CO2 you have prevented from being released into the atmosphere.

How to Use CO2 Saver

The program is extremely simple to use. If you want to perform an internet search, just input your terms into the box. If you want to see how much CO2 you have saved, it’s right there on the toolbar, and you don’t even need to alter the settings from the default if you don’t want to. Most users probably won’t need any help with this program, and they won’t find it overbearing on system resources.


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There isn’t much more to be said about CO2 saver. There is no doubt that most users will be happy with using Windows power options directly, though there is satisfaction in seeing the ‘CO2 saved’ counter go up. And we all know that even each small step can help make people more aware of global warming. In this respect, CO2 Saver is successful.