How to Use GoodSearch to Donate to a Charity, Organization, or School

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New Search Engines to Help Communites

Search engines have become an essential part of our lives. In a span of around 15 years we have seen the evolution of search engines; their birth, competition, success and even the demise of some popular ones. Most popular are no doubt Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live Search to name a few.

With almost 8 billion searches every month, a new breed of “green search engines” have evolved to tap into this source and not only provide you the information you are searching for, but also pay back to the community with every search.

How to Use Good Search to Support a Charity or School

The concept behind GoodSearch is to allow people to donate to charitable causes of their choice by simply searching, albeit through their search engine, The integrity of the search results is not an issue as the website is powered by Yahoo! Every day people overwhelmed with the daily grind of life simply do not have time to search for a cause they believe in and then undertake the formal process of donation. GoodSearch easily eliminates all those set-backs by allowing you to donate by doing something you do everyday; search the web.

Follow these steps to support a charity, organization, or school and search for any term to donate:

1. Access the Good Search site by typing the URL :

2. In the second textbox with the title " Who do you GoodSearch for?", select a charity or school of your type. You can type in a cause like ‘breast cancer’ and then choose from the various charities brought up or directly search for a specific charity or school by typing in the name.

3. Search in the upper text box like you normally do. It’s that simple.

You can also install the Good Search toolbar to help you easily access the search and help you remember to search for a good cause. Download and install the toolbar from: If you are using Internet Explorer, you have the option of installing the toolbar or just adding Good Search to your list of search engines. For all other browsers like Firefox, Safari, etc, the Good Search engine will simply be added to the existing list of search engines on the top right of your browser.

Good Search will donate 50% of the revenue generated by the search to your chosen charity. That usually amounts to only a penny, but every one counts. Those single pennies amounted to more than $21,000 for the ASPCA and more than $9,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. You can learn more about their success stories at : With more than 70,000 non-profit charities registered, it is easy to donate to a cause close to your heart. To get more information on the amount raised for your charity, click on the “Amount Raised” button. You will able to see the donations made so far to the charity along with a chart which explains how many searches are needed to generate a certain amount of revenue.

The Details of Donations

According to the chart, if a charity has a 100 supporters who each conduct 2 searches per day, an estimated $730 will be donated to that cause. Similarly, 1000 supporters can generate $7300 while 10,000 enable $73000 in donations in a month.

Not every search is eligible, though. Image and video searches, searches for URLs, “search this site” searches, searches for popular websites like Hotmail, MySpace, definitions, stock quotes, etc, will not count toward any donation. If you do not specify any charity you wish to donate to, then the amount generated will be used to fund Good Search’s operations. Also remember to resist from fraudulent searches like repeated clicking or the use of bits to generate revenue. The user will be blocked and the charity might get de-listed.

If you don’t find a charity you wish to contribute to, it is easy to add it to the list of charities at GoodSearch. Visit and fill in the details and submit it for verification. You can also view a list of all existing charities here:

For GoodSearch to be successful in their mission, it is very important to spread the word. Once people know that a simple search can help someone, they will be more than willing to do their part. The website has listed out many ways in which we can inform people about GoodSearch at : You can do it as simply as sending an email to your friends, adding a footer in all your emails or supporting the cause on Facebook or MySpace. You can even add the GoodSearch logo to your blog or website and write blogs to create awareness about the opportunity to help people in need. Become an ambassador for GoodSearch or inform the media through a press release.

So spread the word about GoodSearch, donate to your favorite charity and remember, every penny counts. And yes, feel great while doing it!

History of GoodSearch

One such green search engine is GoodSearch. Ken Ramberg (former founder of JOBTRAK) and JJ Ramberg (an MSNBC anchor and former Director of Marketing at formulated the innovative idea of channeling a part of the revenue generated by search engines to charitable organizations and research institutions for the betterment of mankind. This idea was launched in 2005 with the name “GoodSearch”.

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