Batteries as an Alternative to Fuel Cells: ZPower’s Ross Dueber Explains How

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Aren’t Batteries Bad?

Batteries are the used in a seemingly endless numbers of devices, yet there seems to be an equally seemingly endless fear of batteries. Ross Dueber continues his discussion on why new battery technology could be an alternative to fuel cells.

Bright Hub: Batteries seem on the other hand to be something everyone sort of fears? Where did this fear and loathing of technology that is in so much come about?

Ross Dueber: Concern over batteries has recently been due to fire and explosions with Lithium-ion batteries, which came out in 1991.

Bright Hub: Batteries aren’t really going anywhere, but companies such as ZPower are just making batteries more efficient and for lack of a better word “cleaner.” So here is the question everyone will ask, why were bad batteries ever made in the first place?

Ross Dueber: Lithium-ion batteries provided significantly more energy than the technology they replaced – nickel-cadmium, and have enabled the miniaturization of cell phones and laptop computers. Their big downside is that they contain compounds that can become unstable with use, resulting in fire and explosion. Given that the risk of this happening tends to be very small, it seems we’ve accepted it since it enable us to carry smaller and smaller devices.

Bright Hub: What advantages do the next technologies such as silver-zinc have over the batteries?

Ross Dueber: Up to 40% longer run time than lithium-ion batteries. Much safer than lithium-ion. Nearly 100% recyclable

Bright Hub: And what is the disposal method for these new batteries? Does the silver content make them worthwhile to recycle? Can they be tossed in a landfill?

Ross Dueber: Yes, the silver content makes great economic sense to recycle. ZPower will provide financial incentives to return the batteries at the end of their lives.

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