Gifts for Geek Guys and Girls from Geekware that are Eco-Friendly

Gifts for Geek Guys and Girls from Geekware that are Eco-Friendly
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Gifts for Eco-Conscious Geeks

Are you wondering what to buy for the Geek who has everything? Look no further, there’s a Canada based company that has something unique for even the most eco-conscious of computer fanatics. For five years, owner Nicola Harper worked as a as a professional Waste Management Engineer, making countless trips all over the world. In 2004, she left the corporate world, launched Acorn Studios and began to transform obsolete electronic waste into fun and geeky gifts. In 2004 Acorn became Geekware and Nicola released a new Mac-ware range in response to the overwhelming requests form Apple Mac fans. Geekware is a truly eco-friendly company. Not only does Nicola design, source and cleans the e-waste, she create the in-house line and even packs the order herself.

Geekware’s Products for Guys and Girls

GUY ware

  • A range of cufflinks made from recycled keyboard buttons

  • A circuit board business card holder

GIRL ware

  • Necklaces made from recycled keyboard buttons and circuit boards

  • Pi necklace made from recycled vintage key

  • Earrings made from recycled keyboard buttons and circuit boards

  • Keyboard button bobby pins

  • Circuit board pocket photo album

  • Heart shaped circuit board hanging ornaments

CD Clocks

MAC ware

  • Mac diskette notenook

  • Keyboard cufflinks, earrings, necklaces and keychain

  • Mac Pride pin

HOME ware

  • Calculator trinket boxes

  • Clocks made from recycled CDs

  • Keyboard button magnets

GEEK accessories

  • Pins

  • Notebooks

  • Phone charms

  • Key chains

Prices range from $4-95 and up.

Using Recycled Materials

All the materials Nicola uses are rescued items that would otherwise have ended up in landfills. She retrieves them from yard sales, recycling centers, and peoples homes. She uses new shipping boxes made from 50% recycled paper fiber. The packing peanuts used to protect the orders during shipping are recycled and are sourced at the Reuse Centre in Edmonton, Canada. If you have old diskettes or obsolete computer keyboards, Nicola would be happy to recycle them for you.