Advent Eco PC Review: How this Space-Saving PC Compares to the Mac Mini and Other Competition

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Why Advent’s Eco PC is Actually Eco-Friendly

The Advent Eco PC hit the market in late 2008 and is a mini desktop that’s a confident contender in the running against Very PC Fulwood, Dell’s Studio Hybrid, Shuttle’s X27 and the Mac Mini. The Eco PC is made of 75 percent of recycled material, to save trees and ink Advent has put all the user manuals and other necessary documentation on the computer; also handy because you won’t lose it. This beats the Dell Studio Hybrid, which has only managed to reduce its paperwork by about 75 percent. Advent claims that another plus is that the Eco PC uses 78 percent less energy than comparable regular desktop computers. Again, this tops the hybrid which can only claim a 70 percent energy reduction. The hybrid takes the lead when it comes to pricing. While the Eco PC retails around $1100, the Hybrid starts out at a reasonable $500.

Energy Usage and Specs

The Advent Eco PC uses only 25 watts when idling. The specs are reasonable for a small, eco-friendly computer. Though it doesn’t cost the earth to run if you’re a staunch gamer or a heavy multi-media user you will probably find this machine lacking; the computer is non-user serviceable and there is no Blu-ray option but if you are a general user and you want a green option then this could be the desktop for you.

Specifications include:

· Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 processor


· 160GB hard drive

· Wi-Fi connectivity

· Windows Vista Premium

· Integrated dual layer DVD burner

· Windows Vista

The Advent Eco PC retails around $1100

Advent Computers specializes in custom built computers for home and business. They report that their mission is to provide a quality computer with excellent customer service. They use industry standard name brand components, and submit their machines to rigorous testing before they go out into the market place. Advent is owned by Kurt Treml.