Netgear's Line of Green Routers: The Energy Star Compliant WNR2000 and DGN2000 Router Models

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Routers Going Green

With the realities of the environmental crisis starting to hit home to a lot of people, many companies are finding the need to re-think their traditional practices and methods used to produce and operate their products and trying to find ways to bring more green options to consumers and tech users. The latest example of this is Netgear, who is finally catching up to the need for greener IT with their release of two new green routers.

Features of the New Routers

This new green launch includes two routers, the standard WNR2000 and a similar model the DGN2000 which is specifically geared for DSL users with a fully equipped DSL modem which eliminates the need for an external modem which means less equipment to buy and less power that you have to use. Both of these new green models feature standard settings for wireless use for your Wi-Fi set up utilizing a 2.4 Ghz band. They also allow you to easily secure your network with a very simple one button feature along with four hard wired connections via ethernet ports. The routers are also compatible with major internet service providers such as Verizon, Quest, AT&T, and other popular DSL providers in the United States.

What Makes Them Green?

The best part about the new routers, of course, are that they are now more environmentally friendly. Netgear has designed the routers to use power supplies that are Energy Star rated. Additionally the packaging of the routers themselves have been redesigned and now feature materials that are made of at least 80% recycled materials. And the routers are now available from major outlets both online and in store including retailers such as Amazon where the WNR2000 model will run you just under $80 and the DGN2000 is available for about $100.

Netgear’s Green Initiative Off to a Good Start

Of course there is still a very long way to go to make the IT and electronics industry completely environmentally friendly through out ever step of the process from the methods of manufacturing, the materials that are used, and the functionality of the equipment itself. However, initiatives such as the green routers presented by Netgear are a great start towards a greener future for the IT world.