Evolve Laptop Wins Dells Regeneration: International Green Computing Design Competition

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The winner of Dell’s first Regeneration: International Green Computing Design Competition, judged earlier this year was Vas Obeyesekere, IDSA, of Dallas, TX, for his design of Evolve, the versatile `laptop/PC` that was designed to change over time and adapt to many different uses.

“This design was meant to shed and replace pieces as they became outdated, so the whole system could function indefinitely. The probable end to the system would be when the paradigm of computing shifts away from a PC.” Said Obeyesekere.

His innovative idea won the people vote and netted him a $25,000 prize. What made his design so special? Just about everything. The Evolve is made from materials that are biodegradable, renewable and some are even reusable. The battery is a LEES capacitor, this means is does not use chemical reactions to produce energy. The solid state hard drive is sturdier than traditional drives and less of a power guzzler. The case is made from natural fibers and the OLED screen is thin and energy efficient.

Even the Evolve’s packing is eco-friendly. It comes in packaging created from cradle-to-cradle Eco-Pak and it can be used to mail the modules back for recycling when its lifetime is over.

On the inside, the components are modularized so that individual parts can be upgraded as needed to minimize waste. It also allows the user to expand the system to suit his or her own personal needs. This reduces environmental impact because the Evolve does not become obsolete when the user needs a more sophisticated system, but can adapt accordingly. The small modules can also be mailed to the recycler individually. The power can be easily adjusted so the user can set it at a level that suits the task at hand.

The Evolve laptop can convert into the Evolve PC, because it has a detachable keyboard and the monitor can be wall-mounted. It also has a retractable palm rest which adds to the slick design and comfort of use. This green computer can evolve to meet the needs of any user.