Waterproof iPod Speakers Reviewed: The Top 5 Best Waterproof Speakers for the iPod

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Waterproof iPod speakers are a great way to bring your music collection out to the pool, the beach, the shower, or anywhere else that might get wet. As with any other electronic item, waterproof iPod speakers vary in quality. With waterproof speakers, though, a low quality item is likely to break very quickly, due to the nature of its use. Water and electronics don’t play well together, after all. To find the best waterproof iPod speakers, it is essential to do a little background rather than just buying any old item at the store. The best way to determine the speakers’ quality is to read reviews of the items from real users. Websites like Amazon allow users to review items they buy, so be sure to check out the user reviews of the speakers before buying them. This is usually the best way to ferret out common problems.

There are a few things to look for in waterproof iPod speakers: high user ratings, good sound quality, and price range. Make sure the speakers work with your model of iPod, because certain models may not be supported by all speakers. The best of the best waterproof speakers can be pretty expensive, but buyers can still find reasonably high quality speakers at budget prices.

1. Grind Water Rockwater Music System 2010 (4 out of 5)

This speaker system has generated strong customer reviews. The system is completely waterproof, so it can be used in the pool. Another plus is that it floats, so users can bring it into the pool with them. Most iPods are supported; for a full list of supported models, see the Amazon link below. The iPod Mini is not supported, however.

One possible negative aspect is that the system is run on four AA batteries. This gives it a reported 30 hour playback time, but may be a bit costly if the speakers are in constant use. The speakers may be a bit pricey for some users, with a price tag of $99.99 on Amazon.

2. eGo Waterproof Sound Case with Dual Speakers for iPod (4 out of 5)

This system is very similar to the Grind Water Rockwater 2010 reviewed above. It also supports most iPod models, runs on 4 AA batteries, and sports a 30 hour battery life. The system is shatter resistant and has bump guards to protect it in the pool. It is water resistant, but users must be cautious, as it is only rated to 3.3 feet depth. It does float, however, so the depth should not be an issue.

User reviews report very good sound quality, with good bass and treble. These waterproof iPod speakers can be purchased at Amazon.

3. iHome iH20 Shower-to-Beach Portable Speaker System for iPod (3 out of 5)

These waterproof iPod speakers are different from the two mentioned above in that they aren’t designed specifically for the pool. The speakers are actually designed for use in the shower, and the device comes with a loop for this use. It runs on AC power or AA batteries, which is a definite plus, and supports most types of iPods. When running on AC power, the device charges iPods.

User reviews tend to be positive, although there are some complaints about the sound quality. These waterproof iPod speakers can be purchased at Amazon.

4. Smartak Audio Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker With Dock Transmitter (4 out of 5)

These speakers are designed for use in the shower. Rather than physically attaching the iPod to the speaker, users attach their music players to a dock, which transmits to the speakers. It is also extremely versatile, accommodating iPods and many other mp3 players. Any player with a 3.5 mm audio output will play on this system. Purchase these waterproof iPod speakers at Amazon.

5. eGo Waterproof Sound Case with Speaker for iPod Nano 3G (3 out of 5)

This waterproof case is designed specifically for the iPod Nano, and will not work for other models. It floats on water and is water resistant to a depth of 3.5 feet. User reviews are very positive.

However, the case gets only about 16 hours of battery life out of its 4 AA batteries, which is significantly less than other models. It is cheaper, though, at about $60 on Amazon.


These products are all good choices for waterproof iPod speakers. Different items may be more useful for different users, depending on intended use. Some items are designed for use in the shower, while others are designed to float in the pool. All are good, quality speakers, though.