iPod Disk Mac OS X Freeware: Move Files From Your iPod to Your Mac with this Software

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iPod Disk is similar to Senuti in that it lets you remove songs from your iPod to your Mac, but it does so in a much simpler way. If you need that music fast with no bells and whistles, this is the freeware for you.

Download and Installation

iPod Disk can be downloaded at this website, however, you also need to download MacFuse for it to work.

Once the disk mounts on your desktop, unzip it and it will prompt you to copy it into your Applications folder. Simple, right?


Well, iPod Disk doesn’t really have any. All it does, to put it simply, is turn your iPod into a disk you can open and remove files from. In order to do that, first you’ll have to disable iTunes from automatically syncing with your iPod (because that will automatically remove any songs from your iPod that are not on your Mac at that moment).

To get it to work, disable syncing, plug your iPod into your Mac and open iPod Disk. A disk image will appear on your Desktop, separate from your iPod icon, and it will have all of the files that are in your iPod in it. Just remove them from iPod Disk by dragging or copying them to a different folder and you’re finished! Music removed from iPod and put on Mac, check and check!


While it doesn’t have any of the cool features of Senuti, iPod Disk gets the job done just fine. You will have to manually import the songs to iTunes, but that should be easy enough. Plus, the simplicity makes it easy to use.


iPod Disk is a handy little piece of freeware that simply lets you remove any type of file from iPod to Mac with very little hassle. If you ever want to do this, try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Download iPod Disk.