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Top Bluetooth iPod Accessories for the Car

written by: KennethSleight•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 11/23/2010

When you are looking for Bluetooth iPod accessories for car use it is important to realize that several of these items are useable for far more than just car rides. Sometimes the best Bluetooth accessory is one that can be taken with you wherever you go.

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    The iPod has revolutionized the way that people listen to music, allowing instant access to any song at any time, even in the car. With Bluetooth technology patching your iPod into the existing car stereo system is not only easy but far safer than trying to scan through an mp3 library at 70 mph. Bluetooth iPod accessories for cars are a great idea for birthday and Christmas gifts.

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    Sony Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter for iPod

    Sony Bluetooth - For a reasonable $47.95 the Sony Bluetooth wireless transmitter for the iPod is a great addition for someone who spends a lot of time in the car. When this little device is paired with a Bluetooth headset it provides uninterrupted music without the need for wires. Because the power supply comes from iPod no batteries are necessary. The no cable design uses a 30 pin iPod connector that is compatible with the classic iPod, 1st and 2nd generation iPod Nano, 1st generation iPod mini, and 4th and 5th generation iPods. Any newer iPod with a 30 pin connector will work with this Bluetooth adapter. The compact design plugs into the bottom of the iPod and stays there securely unlike the transmitters that plug into the headphone jack and spin around. To activate the unit all you have to do is set your receiving device into pairing mode and then hold down the button on the transmitter for about 7 seconds until the two devices are paired. This works with headsets as well as Bluetooth enabled in dash radios.

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    Motorola S9 Special Edition *Black on Black* Stereo Bluetooth Headset

    sony headset - According to the Amazon product specs the Motorola S9 is a great choice for a Bluetooth accessory for the car. “Weighing barely an ounce, the lightweight and discreet Motorola Bluetooth Active Headphones S9 let you wirelessly control your music and calls using the integrated touch controls on the sides of the headband." It allows you to bring your music without worrying about the mess of wires. This is a great alternative for using in the car, around the house or when exercising. It also comes with a built in microphone so that it can be used with cell phones like the iPhone. The $57.99 price point makes it perfect for a Christmas gift for the new driver in the family.

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    Sony DR-BT21IK/B Wireless Transmitter and Bluetooth Headset for iPod

    Adapter and Headset - The Sony wireless transmitter and Bluetooth headset works with the iPod and can be used in or out of the car. The $94.99 price point is exceptional for all of the uses that are crammed into this little package. The Bluetooth headset is not only compatible with iPods but works just as well with cell phones. The headset allows you to take a call with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone, like the iPhone, then return immediately to streaming music. This unit also comes with a built in microphone so it can be used with all of your other Bluetooth devices including your home computer. Sometimes a package purchase like this can be the best option when considering bluetooth ipod accessories for use in the car.

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    When driving your car it can be dangerous to try to change your iPod music so it is advisable to have a bluetooth accessory for the car. These accessories allow seemless integration with most iPods and some other mp3 players. Take your time to check out the new car setreo recievers with built in Bluetooth, some of them are cheaper than the old school models you have in your car now.
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    Pioneer DEH-P6200BT CD Receiver with Built-In Bluetooth and USB iPod Control

    Pioneer - The Pioneer CD receiver has both a built in Bluetooth and USB input for listening to music from your iPod. Maybe this isn't exactly a bluetooth ipod accessory for the car but for $240 this one has it all, support for MP3, WMA, and AAC music formats, iTunes tagging that allows you to hear a song on the radio ad put it in your shopping cart in the iTunes store and a detachable faceplate. Best of all the built in Bluetooth doesn’t require any other hands free car kits or other accessories. Like a speakerphone the pioneer system channels sound through your car speakers and it automatically mutes your music so that you can take your call in peace and quiet. It returns to music mode automatically after the call is terminated. All of this on top of the standard am/fm receiver and single line digital display.

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    DICE mObridge Fiber Optic iPod Kit with Bluetooth for BMW with Navigation

    BMW - For the BMW driver the sleek DICE mObridge Optic iPod kit offers not only Bluetooth but also a built in navigation unit for only $763.85. With it’s full hands-free phone capabilities you can dial and make calls from your vehicle display, browse and make calls from your phonebook, read and send messages, or stream A2DP audio from your phone or Bluetooth mp3 directly to the receiver.

    The DICE also has full software upgrades that can be downloaded over Bluetooth or memory card to improve the compatibility with future iPods or other devices. Because the Bluetooth is fully integrated your devices can be controlled with full function through the in dash controls or the controls on the steering wheel. When you are looking for high end bluetooth ipod accessories for your car this is one of the best.

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    Whatever Bluetooth accessory you choose for your car it is important that you learn to use it properly. Not all Bluetooth ipod accessories for the car are created equal and there may be a learning curve for some of the less intuitive models. Once you have learned to integrate the iPod into your stereo or headset the hands free use will make your car ride both safer and more enjoyable.