Top 5 Best MP3 Players Sony Has on the Market: Find the Perfect Sony MP3 Player for Your Needs

Top 5 Best MP3 Players Sony Has on the Market: Find the Perfect Sony MP3 Player for Your Needs
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MP3 players have added an extra convenience to the world of entertainment, for people of all ages. Gone are the days when bulky cassette players and CD players were the order of the day. Now, it’s all about how tiny the audio device is, and what its capacity is. MP3 players have the advantage of being very easy to carry around. The following Sony MP3 players are considered top of the line in terms of performance, size, capacity and audio quality.

Sony NWZ- A845B Walkman


is one of the thinnest Sony MP3 players on the market. It has an impressive thickness of only 7.2mm. Its screen is sized at 2.8 inches and is also scratch resistant. The display offers a high contrast ratio and fast response time, which means that action-packed videos can be easily viewed with great clarity. The menu is easy to navigate and there are plenty of icons that offer shortcuts to various features. The internal storage capacity of the device is 16GB, which means you can store up to 3,850 music tracks or 60 hours of video in it. The battery life of the Sony NWZ- A845B offers up to 29 hours of audio playback, with a single full charge. The sound quality of the Sony NWZ- A845B is better than many other expensive MP3 players on the market. The S-Master Digital Amplifier of the player gives you a rich audio experience, and there is also a noise canceling feature for getting rid of almost 98 per cent of the ambient noise.

Sony NWZ-X1060 MP3 Player


The Sony NWZ-X1060 is a very nicely designed MP3 player, and offers plenty of useful features. The player has a 3-inch OLED screen, and the display is clear and bright. There is a silver dome-shaped menu button underneath the screen, and the graphite-gray finish adds style and class to the device. The internal storage is 32GB, which is excellent for storing around 8,000 audio tracks and the battery is enough to provide a neat 33 hours of audio playback, and 9 hours of video playback. Some extra internal audio enhancements in the player include a noise canceling feature, a digital amplifier, Clear Stereo, Clear Bass, etcetera. The Sony NWZ-X1060 MP3 Player performs superbly, and is a very good choice for everyone.

Sony NWZE454B Walkman (8GB)

Sony NWZE454B Walkman

The Sony’s NWZE454B MP3 player offers a plethora of impressive features and is one of the latest MP3 players in the market. Its two-inch QVGA LCD screen is bright and sharp, and the display has a fast response for fast-paced video playback. One of the exciting features of this device is its battery life which lasts up to 50 hours of music, and 10 hours of video playback. The 8GB internal memory is quite suitable for the average music lover. Other features of Sony NWZE454B include ‘Open format’ that allows you to transfer many different file formats, just by dragging and dropping them. The voice recording function is very useful if you want to take notes, or record something important that you need to refer to later. The audio quality of the player is impressive with built-in technologies such as Clear Stereo, Clear Bass and DSEE digital sound enhancement.

Sony NWZ-W252 (2GB)

Sony NWZ-W252

This device is part of the Sony W-series that offers a compact headphone style MP3 player for fitness enthusiasts. The NWZ-W252’s design is pretty basic, and the device weighs only 47g, which is good during workouts. One of the major concerns during exercising is the device not fitting correctly, and hence falling out occasionally. But the Sony NWZ-W252 takes care of that pretty well, and the device never fell off when it was tested while walking, jogging or during jumping jacks. Three different sizes of eartips are included in the package, but their fixed size may cause some concern to the users. Music can be played in alphanumeric order or shuffled via the shuffle switch. The other buttons on the player are volume control ones, and a jog dial to browse tracks. The audio quality is quite good, and features like Zappin (which allows the user to play a snippet of tracks while browsing) add a nice touch. The battery life is a little disappointing, at 11 hours, but the quick charge feature (three minutes charge for 90 minutes of playback) works well. One of the best features of the Sony W2F2 is its water resistance, as tests showed that it worked perfectly well even after being held under a water tap for a whole minute. The device is great for exercise junkies and outdoor lovers, who want a clear audio experience during their exercise routine.

Sony Walkman NWZ-B153


The Sony NWZ-B153 is an extension of the NWZ-B-series of MP3 players, whose lipstick form factor guarantees convenience along with comfort. Design wise, it is similar to other B series of Sony MP3 players, but has a new navigational wheel. The LCD is small, but appropriate for browsing playlists and menus. The shiny surface is prone to finger smudges but they don’t really show due to the buttons covering most of the body surface. The NWZ-B153 ships with a 4GB internal memory and a fully-charged playback time of 18 hours. The quick charge feature enables the device to charge up for 90 minutes of playback, by powering it up for only three minutes. It would have been better if the Sony NWZ-B153 supported other audio formats besides just MP3 and WMA. The battery takes one hour to charge fully, and the quick charge feature also works as promised.

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