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Alternative iPod Software: iTunes Isn't the Only Option

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 10/26/2010

Searching for alternative iPod software? iTunes-like applications can be difficult to find depending on what features you are looking for and what kind of iPod you have. It is possible to have an iPod without iTunes. This article will review 5 alternatives for iTunes.

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    iTunes Software


    iTunes is the default software application where iPod owners can manage playlists, music libraries and apps for their iPods. However, some people find iTunes is not very good for their needs. If you are one of those people, you need not fear. With several available alternative iPod software, iTunes is not the only option for people who want to manage their iPod on their computers. Here are some of those alternatives that will hopefully satisfy your need to replace iTunes as your default iPod software.

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    YamiPod, a freeware alternative to iTunes lets you manage your iPod from the iPod itself without requiring any kind of installation procedure. It is a cross-platform software so it does not matter what operating system you have whether it's Windows, Mac OSX or Linux. One drawback of this software is its lack of support for the iPod Touch and the iPhone, but if you have any other type of iPod, you are good to go. Its features include importing and organizing of audio files into the iPod, playlist management, restore function, music player, synchronization and multiple iPod support.

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    Another program that allows you to use your iPod without iTunes is MediaMonkey. This program is considered one of the best music management software programs available because of its extensive management features that include playlist creation, CD/DVD audio burning as playlist back-up, album art synchronization and metadata lookup. Even with a large music collection, MediaMonkey is designed to perform fast. Add to this its support for syncing iPods and iPhones and you have yourself a winner.

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    CopyTrans is a free program that performs faster than iTunes while requiring less system resources. It can do all the iPod management tasks you need like editing song metadata, adding album artwork and managing playlists. It also functions as a music player so you can preview your music from within the software. It is fully compatible with the iPod, the iPod Touch and the iPhone, making it possibly the best alternative for iTunes.

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    Floola is a free software application that functions as a media manager for both the iPod and Motorola mobile phones. However, it does not support the iPhone or the iPod Touch. Nevertheless, for an iPod manager, it does its job thanks to its array of iPod management features like playlist management, album artwork updating, search for missing or duplicate files and support for adding videos to an iPod. It is a cross-platform software that can also run from the iPod itself, making it a portable piece of iPod management software.

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    If you are looking for an alternative iPod software, iTunes is possibly cramping your style or slowing down your computer. It is also possible that you are looking for more features than what iTunes can offer. This is where Songbird comes in. It's not just a media player with iPod management support, it is designed to be customized to suit a user's needs. You can view Flickr photos or watch YouTube videos from within your iPod without iTunes software, making it more than just a music player and an iPod management tool. The best part is that it's free.