Will a Sony MP3 Player Use an iPod Cable?

Will a Sony MP3 Player Use an iPod Cable?
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Sony MP3 Players Don’t Use iPod Cables

Regrettably, that adorable Sony MP3 player you have won’t use the same accessories as your cute iPod. Why? Because they cannot use the same cable. If you’re asking yourself, “Will a Sony MP3 player use an iPod cable?” the answer is, no, it does not.

Sony MP3 players, unlike iPod devices, vary in cable requirements. Whereas all iPods use the same 30-pin cables, Sony MP3 players are not guaranteed to share the same cable.

Sony Walkman MP3 Player Cables

Sony MP3 Player USB Cable

Most Sony MP3 players use a 22-pin to USB cable. This allows them to connect to the PC through a USB port without having some sort of conversion box. Unfortunately, not many other devices use this same 22-pin USB cable. It seems Sony wants to have the same sort of exclusivity that the iPod has when it comes to its electronic connections and therefore lack of compatibility is an unfortunate issue.

Why Sony Players Don’t Use an iPod Cable

There are a number of reasons why Sony MP3 players might not use iPod cables. For one, Sony products likely appreciate their own line of accessories. If users were able to share accessories from the iPods, such as chargers and docks, that would defeat the purpose of Sony’s own line up of extra goodies.

This way, by providing a 22-pin USB connection instead of a 30-pin USB connection , Sony guarantees that users will only be able to purchase Sony accessories.

Some Sony players are also smaller in width than iPods. Thus, a 22-pin cable is the more obvious option since it, too, is smaller.

Sony Offers Replacement Cables, Too

So if you’re asking yourself; “Will my Sony MP3 player use an iPod cable” because you broke or lost your original cable, fear not. Sony, just like many other manufacturers, offers replacement USB cables through many online retailers.

These replacement cables work on many Sony MP3 players across the board. Thus, if you lose your Sony Walkman cable, you don’t necessarily have to find another cable for that particular device. Just look for a 22-pin USB cable from Sony, and you’re good to go.

Don’t Mix and Match

Do not try to mix and match when it comes to USB cables and different connections. Just because the Sony MP3 player might look like it accommodates a 30-pin iPod cable due to its slim size and shape, it doesn’t. Never force the end of a USB cable into the port on the Sony MP3 player, as you could potentially damage one or the other. Such damage is not covered by the warranty either.

Sony MP3 Player Accessories

If you’re worried about not having enough MP3 cables for your Sony player, order a spare or backup cable before you know you’ll need it. That way, if something happens to one cable, you don’t have to wait three weeks to update or sync your device before another cable ships out.

Keep your Sony MP3 player and iPod device accessories separate, and you will enjoy a long lifetime of use for each device.