iPod Nano 2nd Generation Audio Problems: Troubleshooting & Solutions

2nd Generation iPod Nano

The 2nd generation iPod Nano still stands out as what people think of when they discuss the iPod Nano, especially since it was one of the best-selling incarnations. For most users, the 2nd generation iPod Nano is an easy to use music player that does exactly what it was intended for without a focus on outside features. Though it is less vulnerable to problems compared to the iPod Touch, there are still several iPod Nano 2nd generation audio problems out there that must be dealt with. Here are a few different ways to try to troubleshoot different iPod Nano audio problems that you may experience.

Simple Play

The most general iPod Nano 2nd generation audio problems are usually around simple use of the iPod Nano that people are making mistakes with. First, make sure that the iPod Nano does not have the Hold button on when you are first trying to play music. Make sure that the headphones you are using fit the iPod Nano correctly, are not damaged, and are secure in the headphones jack.

Volume Limit

The nature of the audio problem is likely going to lead you to find out how to fix the iPod Nano 2nd generation audio problem. If you are finding that the audio on the iPod Nano is just not going up high enough when you are trying to listen to music then this is likely going to be because a Maximum Volume Limit is set. To try and troubleshoot this on your 2nd generation iPod Nano you will need to go to Settings and select Volume Limit. You will be able to see if there is a volume level set and a limit applied, which you can just remove.

Updating iTunes

It is important to stay updated with your iTunes version, having one that is at least at iTunes 7 and at best iTunes 10. If you find that you have downloaded songs from iTunes and they are not playing on your 2nd generation iPod Nano this could be because you have an iTunes version that is earlier than iTunes 7. If you are operating an earlier version, then these audio tracks are not going to play on your iPod Nano 2nd generation.


If your audio simply stops playing or stops giving you the option to change, you may have actually had your 2nd generation iPod Nano freeze instead of it being a specific audio problem. This is incredibly common on 2nd generation iPod Nanos and you may just need to do the common steps to deal with a frozen iPod. Turn the iPod on and off, toggle the wheel, and if all else fails then you will need to restore the iPod Nano. This should not be a problem since all items on it must come directly from your computer and you can sync it again easily.