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Tips for Using Email on the iPod Touch

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 8/27/2010

Here are a few different tips to help with using email right from your iPod Touch.

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    iPod Touch Communication

    Though the iPod Touch does not have all of the communication features as the iPhone, it still is a full service personal device that includes the same functions that would be useful with the internet. One of these main features is the use of your email account on your iPod Touch and there is actually a built in application that sits on your iPod Touch desktop. Here are a few tips for using your email on the iPod Touch, which is a unique platform to work with your email account on.

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    Wi-Fi Connection

    Unlike the iPhone, which uses the 3G connection, you absolutely have to use a Wi-Fi connection on the iPod Touch. If you want to have a quick, and useful, interaction with your email account then you are going to have to use a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection. To do this you should focus in on Wi-Fi signals that you are broadcasting, or those that have a high speed pattern and are password protected. This will also help to ensure the security of your email when connecting with your iPod Touch.

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    Connecting Your Email Account

    IMG 0032 One you connect an email account to your iPod Touch you will automatically have interactions with that email IMG 0033 account when you select the Mail application. To make this happen you have to first connect your iPod Touch to this email account, but you will only have access if you already have your iPod Touch connected to a high quality Wi-Fi signal. Begin by selecting the Mail icon, which will then give you a few different types of email carriers to select from. Choose your specific email character and then you will be asked to enter in your account information. As long as the information is correct you will connect to your email account with your iPod Touch and will remain connected unless you sync to a different email account. When you first do connect to your account you will also have the option to sync other features, like Calendars or Notes, to email services that have these kind of elements. This is going to be especially true with Gmail, who will allow you to sync your Gmail calendars to your iPhone so that you can have a centralized calendar system.

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    Interacting With Your Email

    IMG 0035 The iPod Touch's email function utilizes the touch screen for interaction, and this may make it so that several of the common email functions you are used to will be difficult to find at first If you want to begin to go through and archive emails you can start by hitting the Edit button, and then the display will change so that you can select each email and choose to either Archive or Move the email.

    If you just want to write and send a new email from your iPod Touch you will go to the lower right hand corner and select the image of a pencil writing on a piece of paper. This will open up a New Message prompt, which will be familiar to you from your normal email service where you can enter in an email address, subject, and message. What is nice about the email on the iPod Touch is that you can actually choose a contact from your Contacts List, which is why you should begin applying email addresses to your contacts.