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How to Sync Text Documents to an iPod Touch

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/30/2010

Here is a look at how you may sync text documents to an iPod Touch and what you will need to do this on a consistent basis.

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    Limited Options

    The iPod Touch is not just an all-purpose mobile computing device and you will find that it is not easy to just transfer files on and off of it. You can essentially transfer the type of files onto your iPod Touch that have a section on your iTunes, such as audio files, certain types of video files, photos, iPod Touch apps and games, podcasts, and other things that have been centralized through the iTunes store. You cannot just easily bring a text document to an iPod Touch, but there are some ways to work around this.

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    iPod Touch Apps

    mzl.kgyqwqjp.320x480-75 If you do want to begin to sync text documents to an iPod Touch the easiest way you are going to be able to do this is to use an iPod Touch app that will allow such an option, though you are likely going to have to alter the format that the text documents will be in. There are a few iPod Touch applications that you could do this with, but Discover is going to stand out as one of the best. This free iPod Touch application is meant to use your iPod Touch, or iPhone, to manage files through a Wi-Fi network. One of the primary functions of Discover is to essentially transform your iPod Touch into a flash drive that will allow you to connect to your computer completely free of physical connections. Since Discover is actually a multi-format reader that allows you to view several different types of files, and this will be your opportunity to view your text documents on your iPod Touch. In this way you can use Discover to sync text documents to an iPod Touch under the pretense that it is a flash drive and then get access to them through the reading functions.

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    Jailbroken iPod Touch's

    If you jailbreak your iPod Touch you are going to find that beyond the general functions that are propagated by Apple you have the ability to use the storage facilities and viewing apparatus as you wish. There have been a host of iPhone app developers that develop apps for jailbroken iPod Touch's that actually allow for a direct sync of text documents to an iPod Touch as a standard function, but you have to go through the complete process of jailbreaking your iPod Touch and cannot just easily return to the comfort of the App Store or of Apple's general services. This is going to be the simplest option if you want to sync text documents to an iPod Touch on a regular basis without the use of complicated apps, but you are going to be giving up certain options. This is less costly on an iPod Touch than an iPhone because there are less risks and less retribution from parent companies, but you may want to ensure that this is one of the primary functions you want out of your iPod Touch.