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Extending the iPod Touch's Battery Life

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 5/20/2010

Follow these handy tips to help extend your iPod Touch's battery life.

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    iPod Touch and the Battery

    One of the main issues with the iPod Touch versus more traditional iPods is that the battery life is much shorter. This happens because of the multimedia capabilities and the touch screen that lights up constantly. The functionality of the iPod Touch requires you to actively seek to reduce the battery drain, and this can be done by observing a few different things. Here are some tips for extending the battery life on your iPod Touch.

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    iPod Touch Wi-Fi and Data Push

    The first thing you have to observe is that every feature that stays on in the iPod Touch will drain the battery. This refers specifically to the Wi-Fi as this constantly taxes the iPod Touch's battery. Go into the iPod Touch's Settings and select Wi-Fi from the very top, right above Fetch New Data. Go ahead and turn the iPod Touch's Wi-Fi to the Off setting. If the iPod Touch's Wi-Fi is still on it will continually try to connect to wireless networks. At the same time you may want to turn the Data Push off as well. Go back into the iPod Touch Settings and select Fetch New Data. Inside Fetch New Data you will turn the Push switch to Off.

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    iPod Touch Auto-Lock

    The more time that the iPod Touch's touch screen is lit up the more it will drain the battery. To reduce this you want to reduce the amount of time for the Auto-Lock. The shorter amount of time for the iPod Touch's Auto-Lock the less it will stay lit. Go into the iPod Touch Settings and select General. Go to the top of the fourth section of the iPod Touch's General Settings and select Auto-Lock, which is right above Passcode Lock. Set this to "1 Minute" to extend the iPod Touch's battery life.

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    Keep Your iPod Touch On

    Every time that you turn the iPod Touch on and off you will drain the battery even more. Instead you should just let the iPod Touch sit instead, allowing the Auto-Lock feature to just preserve the battery life. This is especially true while charging your iPod Touch.

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    iPod Touch Brightness

    The overall brightness of your iPod Touch's display is going to directly correlate to how much battery is drained. You can start by just reducing the iPod Touch's brightness by going to the iPod Touch Settings and select Brightness. Here you have two options, you can just reduce the over all iPod Touch Brightness or select Auto-Brightness so that it will become darker in response to changes in the outside light.

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    iPod Touch Use

    Overall one of the easiest ways to extend battery life over a certain period is to cut down on different things that will take up battery life. For example, watching videos on your iPod Touch is one of the most power-intensive features. If you want to extend the overall battery life on your iPod Touch for other purposes you may want to cut out using power-hungry features like video playback. This includes browsing the internet with Safari as this requires the touch screen to remain lit for a long periods of time.