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5 Best Strategy Games for iPod Touch

written by: Hollan•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 11/26/2009

Do you wish you were a tactician? Well, these are the best iPod Touch games for you!

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    It seems like strategy games are everywhere these days, from the DS to any of the next gen consoles. The iPod Touch also has its share of strategy games for you to enjoy.

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    Coast Defense

    Picture 1 Cost: $0.99

    Coast Defense is a castle defense game with a war theme. You have to shoot down enemies while maintaining control of your base, and it is set during WWII. Plus, you get a first person shooter aspect as you target enemies and get head shots.

    Download Coast Defense.

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    Tower Madness 3D Defense

    Picture 3 Cost: $2.99

    For the cost of a fast food meal you can download Tower Madness 3D Defense, a tower defense strategy game for the iPod Touch. With awesome 3D graphics, (hence the name) and tons of good reviews from magazines like Wired and Pocket Gamer, this game is well worth the money. The graphics are cute and cheerful for a strategy game, but that's all part of the fun. Plus, there is a bunch of downloadable content in the form of maps to increase gameplay time.

    Download Tower Madness 3D Defense.

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    Flight Control

    Picture 2 Cost: $.0.99

    Flight Control is an air traffic control strategy game for the iPod Touch. While that doesn't sound particularly exciting, Flight Control is actually really good. You can guide 10 types of planes on 4 different runways across the world. Plus, Flight Control utilizes the iPod Touch's abilities perfectly, and it got great reviews from Mac World and Pocket Gamer. Think you can be an air traffic controller?

    Download Flight Control.

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    Picture 4 Cost: $4.99

    What is a list of strategy games for the iPod Touch without SimCity? This strategy game allows you to be mayor of your very own city. You can set your city in one of 3 eras, the 1900s, the 1950s or the year 2000. As your city prospers you can add some natural (and unnatural) disasters into the mix, like earthquakes and UFOs. If you've played any other SimCity game you know you have to pick up the iPod Touch version.

    Download SimCity™.

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    Oregon Trail

    Picture 5 Cost: $4.99

    Oregon Trail is one of the original strategy games for the Mac, so it is only natural that it is now on the iPod Touch. Just like the original, you choose a profession, materials and a date and start your journey westward as pioneers on the Oregon trail. On the way you have to make decisions about fording rivers, resting and hunting. Plus, this new Oregon Trail has several mini games to make the experience more fulfilling. Think you can make it to Oregon with your party intact?

    Download Oregon Trail.