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Canabalt Review: A Classic Side Scroller Game

written by: Balachandar Radhakrishnan•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 11/20/2009

Canabalt is the classic side scroller game available as a flash version online for free. Now Canabalt has been ported to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform, lets see how it performs and if it is worth buying.

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    Retro Style Games

    Though I love playing games on my iPod Touch, I solely missed the games from the good old days! But not anymore, several of the classic arcade style 2d side scroller games that I enjoy on my PC or Mac by playing their online flash versions are now being ported to the iPhone platform. Canabalt was one of the best side scroller games that I enjoyed on my computer by playing the free flash version. Now the Canabalt has been ported to the iPhone platform and I just have enough of it on my iPod Touch. A very retroish pixel art, some cool matrix style parkour moves and an awesome electronic background music make it one the best games on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Now if you don't know what Canabalt is all about I suggest that you check out the free online version, and I bet you will instantly buy the game for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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    Canabalt - for the iPhone & iPod Touch

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    Canabalt is developer Adam Saltman's awesome game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you are one of the hardcore "casual gamers", (no its not an oxymoron!) you would have definitely tasted Canabalt the flash classic game available online for free. Its one of the most engrossing and yet extremely simple games ever made. I was heavily into Canabalt the flash version which turned out into a time-sink for me, and yes that's a complement.

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    The game has maintained the same simplicity and style with an awesome soundtrack and has been ported to the iPhone platform. The premise of the game is a very simple one, keep running and jumping (depends on the location) and survive the alien invasion that is rocking the planet or city. The gameplay style is extremely engaging because of the speed of the gameplay, oh yes play this and your fingers are going to do some heavy exercise. The player keeps running and the only control is to make him jump when he hits obstacles or certain locations which require a "parkour" style gorilla action. On the iPhone or iPod touch the jumping is done by tapping the screen and the longer you hold on the screen the higher he jumps, very helpful for clearing tall buildings.

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    The graphics in the game are retro style pexel graphics which somehow makes this side-scroller and joy to playwith. It is important that you have your headphones plugged in to immerse yourself into the world of Canabalt since the background music is just right for the game tempo and is a very integral part of the game. If you look closely at the pixel art in the game you'll notice that the background image actually shows alien ships and alien bots landing, though its difficult to note this in such fast gameplay. At $2.99, Canabalt is an amazing game from Semi Secret Software and will keep you and your fingers working for a long time to come.