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The Top 5 Social Networking Apps for the iPod Touch

written by: Hollan•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 9/28/2009

Need to keep in touch with your friends at all times? These iPod Touch apps can help. Here's my top 5 social networking apps for the iPod Touch.

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    Social networking sites have infested the internet like lice on a second grader's head. Now, the lice have spread to your iPod Touch, and you, like all of your classmates, now have very itchy scalps with millions of little bugs crawling all over them. But, like how you got the social networking lice, you have to join all the coolest ones too in order to be popular.

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    TextFree Unlimited

    Picture 7 Price: $5.99

    This iPod Touch app allows you to send and receive free texts from cell phones nation wide, US only. Each friend can have their own tone, so you know exactly who you can ignore, and you there are no limits to how long your messages can be. Write the next War and Peace and see what your friends think!

    Download TextFree Unlimited

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    Twitter Pro

    Picture 6 Price: $0.99

    Do you Twitter like an amateur? Well, it's time to Twitter like a pro with this totally useful app. Sure, you can use Twitter for free on your computer, but how will your friends know when you finished getting that root canal, or bought that really cute new pair of shoes? Everything you do is obviously worth putting out there for the world to see (because of how awesome you are, face it), and Twitter Pro is here to help.

    You can even put in your current location in so everyone will know where the awesome you is at every given moment (useful if you are being trailed by assassins. Well, useful for the assassins). Plus, it also updates your Facebook! Who has time to double post about the way Chris totally said he was gonna call, but totally he didn't call? You have important stuff to worry about! Oh, and you can read friend's feeds too, if you have time.

    Download Twitter Pro

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    MyPhone+ for Facebook

    Picture 10 Price: $2.99

    This iPod Touch app syncs your phone and your Facebook, so you don't have to! Everything from your contacts list is linked with their Facebook page so you can sit back and relax as the info is imported while hardly moving a finger. Look at photos, view birthdays and more with this app.

    Download MyPhone+ for Facebook

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    iEmoticons-Emoji, Smiley Emoticon Keyboard

    Picture 8 Price: $0.99

    Why type using the latin alphabet when you can use Emoji (yeah, they call it that). Grammar has already gone out the window with the advent of texting, so let's take it a step further and just use little smiley faces that denote certain emotions in order to communicate. With over 460 to choose from (that's, like, way more than the number of letters in the alphabet), you'll never run out of things to say/feel. I really like the apathetic emoticon, but I'm waiting for the silently frustrated yet constantly optimistic with a hint of doubt about the future emoticon. It should be out any day now.

    Download iEmoticons-Emoji, Smiley Emoticon Keyboard

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    Avatar Creator

    Picture 9 Price: $0.99

    Because no list of social networking apps is complete without the ability to create avatars of yourself, your friends and your family. Give your brother a mullet and yourself that cool hipster do (a mullet?) and attach them to contacts on your iPod Touch. It's like Miis on the Wii, but for a iPod Touch. Just don't show your friends what you think they look like. It never ends well.

    Download Avatar Creator