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The Best Apps for Traveling With Your iPod

written by: Piyush Jain•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 5/31/2011

When you’re traveling, you want to do more than just get there. We offer some great apps for traveling with your iPod that will provide more than just directions.

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    With the multitude of applications available for the iPod, it can often be overwhelming to find the best map app for iPod. When looking for apps for traveling you want to know that the information you’re getting is accurate. After perusing the Internet, we’ve come up with five that you may find suits your needs.

    All of these apps require the Apple iPod Touch. Finding the best map app depends a lot on individual choice and what you find most useful.

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    1. Google Maps for iPod Touch

    Google Maps Google Maps app comes preloaded on the iPod Touch. Using Wi-Fi hotspots as point of reference to locate where you are. With the iPod Touch and a Wi-Fi connection, you can toggle between the different Google Map views from map to satellite image or a combination of both. You can also input an address and get turn-by-turn directions with the route highlighted and an estimated time of travel and live traffic information. You can also use your Google Maps Flex for other applications.

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    2. Magellan RoadMate North America, $59.99

    Magellan RoadMat This app loads 1.3 GB to your iPod touch, so everything is right there in your hands, no waiting for downloading. You get turn-by-turn directions, point of interest information, one touch favorites menu, address book integration and it will even find your car for you. With Wi-Fi enabled you can receive real-time traffic updates, plus coupons and special offers based on your location.

    kit In addition, this is the only app that can transform your iPod Touch into a real GPS navigation device for your car, with the additional purchase of the Magellan Premium Car Kit for as little as $80 on Amazon. The car mount has an integrated GPS receiver that works once the iPod is connected. The combination puts this on the top of the list for the best map app for your iPod.

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    3. iTrans, $0.99 - $3.99

    iTrans If you use a public train system in one of the major cities covered by iTrans, you’re going to love this app. The prices vary depending on the city and transit system you want. The transit systems covered are New York City, NJT, PATH, DC, CTA, Chicago Metra, LA Metro and LA Metrolink. Once you get off the train you can tap Google Maps and you’ll see how to get to your final stop. Load the off line maps and get exceptionally clear graphics, station schedules, touch for next train and delay advisories.

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    4. oMaps, $1.99

    OMaps With oMaps, you can download maps for anywhere in the world. You’ll get road maps, plus information on restaurants, ATM locations, bus station and other useful data. This program obtains info from Openstreetmap or Cloudmade. Having the information right on your iPod Touch gives you instant access to the information. With Wi-Fi enabled you can also download new maps.

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    5. Airport Maps, $2.99

    Airport Maps This is a great app if you do a lot of traveling for business as this will help you find your way around unfamiliar airports. Airport Maps app provides detailed maps of airport terminals so you can find your way around. You’ll be provided with the location of shops, restrooms, and places to eat. The app currently covers over 61 airports in North America and 7 in Canada.

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    So, there you have it. Choices for these top 5 were made based on user ratings, which included ease of use, graphic clarity, amount of information, usefulness of information provided and price. The best map app for iPod is ultimately the one you like the most.

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