How to Jailbreak iPod : Tutorial on How to Jailbreak an Ipod Touch

Should You or Shouldn’t You Jailbreak?

Before you start this process be aware that if your iPod Touch is still under warranty this process voids that warranty. You may want to think about that if the iPod touch is new. Many people go ahead learn how to jailbreak iPod anyway, as it opens up a whole new world of apps. Many apps are free and there are a lot of addicting games, apps to help you stay organized, along with hundreds more. It is a purely personal decision


The iPod Touch needs to have the latest firmware running, which is .3 or .4. If it does not have the newest firmware, you need to update.

Press the Settings button on the home screen of the Touch and select General. Select About and it shows you the firmware version, along with the number of songs on the iPod Touch and serial number. If you do not have the correct version, you can upgrade it through iTunes

Open iTunes and click Help from the menu bar at the top and click About. It should say iTunes 10 on the screen. If it does not, navigate to the Apple website and download the latest version.

Connect the iPod to your computer via the USB cable. iTunes should start automatically, but if it doesn’t open it yourself. Select your iPod in the Devices section on the left side. Click the Summary tab and then Check for Update. Click Download and Install and the download will install to the iPod Touch.

Backup the iPod Touch

Backup your iPod Touch before attempting this process. Every time you connect your iPod to iTunes, it automatically backs up when it syncs. Connect your iPod to your computer via the USB cable and allow iTunes to sync it. There’s another back up step you should take to ensure that the videos and photos on your iPod are backed up. To get a full backup, connect your iPod to your computer and allow iTunes to open. If it doesn’t open on its own, open it yourself. Find the iPod under Devices on the left side. Right-click and select Back up. It will automatically back up your iPod and only takes a few minutes.

Jailbreak the iPod Touch

Connect the iPod Touch to your computer via the USB cable and turn it off. Navigate to the GreenPoison website and download the GreenPoison software. Choose to save the file to your desktop. Double-click the GreenPoison set up file on the desktop and follow the onscreen instructions. You will be asked to press buttons on the device, such as home, hold, sleep, and release. Click the Jailbreak button and the jail breaking process begins.

There will be a Loader icon on the home screen on the iPod when the jailbreaking process is finished. Click on the Loader icon to install Cydia, the app store. Now that you've learned how to jailbreak the iPod, you can enjoy many new features.