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How to Watch Online Movies on TV

written by: Kumara Velu•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 6/28/2011

Are you looking for video content you can’t find in your current cable or satellite television pack? One place which can satisfy your need is the Internet where you’ll surely be spoilt for choice. This article will tell you what you’ll need to watch online movies on TV quickly and easily.

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    Over the Internet, if you look hard enough, you could find any imaginable video content, from documentaries, movies, instructional videos and even reality shows. You’ll have enough free video content to view and if you’re not satisfied with that, you can sign up to watch premium video content at attractive subscription fees.

    To watch online movies on TV, you need to first ready your computer and your TV set. Here’s how.

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    Readying Your Computer

    You already know that you would need a fast Internet connection to watch online movies. What’s a fast Internet connection? A 1Mbps connection may be fast enough to browse through web pages but may not necessarily be good enough to view video online.

    Since you’re interested in watching online movies on television, you do not want to compromise on the Internet connection speed part. On your computer, you can surf other websites or type an email message while waiting for video to buffer. But sitting in front of a TV set, you can do nothing much except wait and that’s the last thing you want.

    So, before you even think of viewing online movies on your television, you need to upgrade your Internet connection speed if you haven’t done so already. You would want nothing less than a high-speed Internet connection. Depending on the type of video content you would be viewing, you would want to start with at least a 10Mbps connection to view standard definition video and 20Mbps to view high definition video.

    When you’ve got your Internet connection right, you want to ensure that you have the necessary software programs and plug-ins that would enable you to play back video smoothly over your computer. Different sites need different software/plug-ins. You would be on the safe side if you have the latest Adobe Plash Player, Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player. These three software programs can pretty much take care of the playback of streaming video over the Internet.

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    Internet-Ready TV

    Once you have a computer with the necessary Internet connection and software setup, you’re ready to stream whatever movies you can watch on your computer screen to your big screen television.

    Before that you should make sure your TV is Internet-ready. If you have a new Internet-ready TV, then you would have no problem connecting it to your broadband modem router. Just follow the instructions on your TV manual.

    If you have an older television set without Internet connectivity, then you can follow these steps to add a media player/receiver to enable it to receive streaming video from the Internet.

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    Online Movie Sites

    Now that you’ve established a connection between your computer and your big screen TV set, you’re ready to select the websites from where you want to view videos from. Chances are you already have your favourite online movie websites.

    If you need something to get started with, you could try YouTube Shows, which has a wide range of shows, ranging from comedy, action adventure and drama. Alternatively, you could use Movinex, a free online movie search engine to explore what’s out there in cyberspace.

    If you’re not content with free video content, and want to enhance your movie viewing experience, especially with a home theater set up, you could try to sign up for services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video on Demand, among others. You could also visit Wired Cinema for more ideas.