How to Set Up a PS3 with a D-Link Router


I’ve been using D-Link routers now for quite a number of years (about 10 if you’re counting since the very beginning). They’re usually not the most expensive routers, while still maintaining longevity and continuous use. When a D-Link router finally dies, you know that it does so with many years of loyal service. So, when I went to set up my PS3 for use in our WLAN, it was no surprise how easy the connection was made.

If you’re ready to boost your PS3’s features with access to PSN as well as to your media banks, here’s how you connect your PS3 to your D-Link Router (and to generally any router):

Items You’ll Need

  • A PlayStation 3 (You could wait a little while and even go for the PS3 Slim, which is due to hit sometime in the next few days)
  • A D-Link or other Router (This should already be connected up to your Internet connection)
  • A PC (in case things go wrong and you need to configure the router more extensively)
  • An Ethernet cable (if you plan on hooking up the system directly to the router)

Hooking up Your PS3 to the Internet and Your LAN

1. Make sure the PS3’s initial setup has already been done and the router is connected to your Internet access point with no issues.

2. Once this has been accomplished, either connect an Ethernet cable to your PS3 for a wired connection or do nothing if you’re planning on going wireless.

3. With the Ethernet cable connected, navigate over to the System and Settings tab of the PS3 and down to your Network settings, select the network test – if all went well, it should show you’re connected.

4. Without the Ethernet cable, navigate over to your network settings and select to configure your wireless network, once it has found your Wi-Fi, enter your password and see if the system connects to your network.

5. Once connected to the network, navigate over to the PSN (PlayStation Network) tab and enter the information necessary to start up a PSN account (email, address, etc.).

6. Now that both your Internet access and PSN setup is complete, head over to a PC also on the network.

7. Using the PC, go into your Homegroup settings (in Windows 7) or your Network and Sharing Settings (in Windows Vista) and make sure the PS3 is able to connect to the PC, this is integral for establishing a Media Server connection.

8. Once you’re sure the PS3 can connect to the PC, head back over to the PS3 and select either “Videos” or “Music” and test the LAN connection to your media files. If everything went well, you should be seeing your music or movie collection on the PS3’s Media Bar.

And that’s all there is to it – once you’ve established the connection, you can now surf the Internet on the PS3 and even buy new games on PSN, as well as using the PS3 to augment any home theater room with not only a Blu-ray player, but also access to your media collections.