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The Five Best Cases For Your Portable DVD Player

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Eric Stallsworth•updated: 6/28/2009

If you'd rather have a usable case to hold your portable DVD player instead of the in-car cases we reviewed before, here are five of the best cases you might want to consider. Each of these portable DVD cases won't cost you more than $50.

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    Targus DVD301 10 Sport Portable DVD Player Case

    Targus DVD301 10 Sport Portable DVD Player Case The Targus DVD301 10 Portable DVD Player Case not only secures your portable DVD player but also protects it from unnecessary accidental bumps with its extra thick padding. It holds a DVD player with up to a 9-inch screen, and there are extra non-woven pockets that you can use to contain your DVDs and other accessories. A security strap holds your DVD player in place while travelling, and this case also features an adjustable shoulder strap. It also lets you use your DVD player without removing it from the case, which is a nice bonus. (Price: $43.17)

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    WDEC-10 EVA Molded 10-inch DVD Player Case

    WDEC-10 EVA Molded 10-Inch DVD Player Case If you're looking for a professional and classic looking case, the WDEC-10 EVA Molded Case could be the one you're looking for. This case fits up to a 10-inch portable DVD player, and it features an adjustable buckle attachment with suspension system that makes it easy for you to attach the case between two bucket seats. It also comes with a built-in dual headphone jack, a sturdy hook'n'loop harness, and a shoulder strap that you can use to carry your DVD player anywhere you go. (Price: $19.99)

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    DVS9 DVD Player Shuttle for 10-inch DVD Players

    DVS9 DVD Player Shuttle for 10-inch DVD Players This portable DVD case allows top load access as well as in-case viewing for your DVD player. It fits up to a 10-inch portable DVD player and features dual headphone jacks, as well as a well-padded interior that protects your player well. It also comes with the Fast File System for holding your DVDs, and external pockets for containing cords, battery packs and other accessories. ($16.39)

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    Sony DVP-FX930 9" Portable DVD Player Black Cube Carrying Case Bag Pouch Cube

    Sony DVP-FX930 9 Portable DVD Player Black Cube Carrying Case Bag Pouch Cube Don't let its name fool you - this portable DVD Player case is not exclusive to Sony DVD players only. You can use it no matter what brand of portable DVD Player you own, as long as its screen size is 10 inches or less. The Sony DVP-FX930 portable DVD case is a EVA hard shell carrying case that effectively protects your DVD player from accidental bumps, shocks, and scratches. It also features dual rubber zippers, a velcro strap that holds your player securely, an inner pocket for holding your other accessories, and an extra mini pocket which can hold your memory card. ($14.95)

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    Jensen Portable DVD Player Case

    Portable DVD Player Case With Integrated Storage The Jensen JB-DPL0601 Portable DVD Player Case is a weather-resistant and durable case that can fit up to a 10-inch portable DVD player. It features an integrated storage for holding up to 12 DVDs and even comes with a 3-ring binder for sleeves. The case also has an adjustable shoulder strap. Best part is, it comes affordably cheap. ($11.99)