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LG 50-inch Plasma TV Recommendations & Buying Guide

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 1/12/2011

If you are looking for a 50-inch TV, LG is a good name to consider. There are several LG 50" plasma TV sets available that may strike your fancy, thanks to their superior picture quality, environmentally friendly power usage and attractive design.

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    If you are looking for a 50" plasma TV, the first thing you need to consider is picture quality. The large screen should be able to provide great picture quality and detail. Other features like the ability to display content from the web, photos, and playing audio are good extra features to have. LG has a line of excellent TVs that match these considerations. Here are some recommended LG 50" plasma TV sets that you should consider.

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    LG 50PK550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV

    LG 50PK550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV The 600Hz refresh rate of this plasma TV gives it the distinction of giving you high quality fast action visuals like sports shows or action movies. You can see all of that in stunning detail, thanks to its full HD 1080p resolution that promises superior picture quality compared to those usually seen in standard HDTV sets. If you are not satisfied with the current TV settings, you don't have to worry. This TV does all the adjustments for you with the use of its Intelligent Sensor, which is quite useful especially if you are not really adept in technology.

    Price: $844.08

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    LG 50PQ30 50-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV

    LG 50PQ30 50-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV All the color, the detail and the motion of sports events, action movies and video games will not escape your eyes if you have this plasma HDTV. It has a 600Hz refresh rate and a 2,000,000:1 Mega Contrast ratio, promising superior picture detail, brilliant colors and deep dark scenes. The audio experience provided by this TV is also impressive thanks to its Clear Voice II technology and its slim and compact speaker system that still provides great quality audio even if the speaker appears to be invisible. Its Intelligent Sensor feature helps people who do not want to fuss with the TV settings by automatically adjusting settings according to the conditions in your room.

    Price: $780

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    LG 50PJ350 50-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV

    LG 50PJ350 50-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV The first thing you will notice in this plasma HDTV is its slim frame which helps you conserve space without affecting screen size. This slim frame also comes with an environmentally friendly power usage, a 600Hz refresh rate, a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio, stereo speakers, Dolby Digital decoding and a self-calibration feature that takes the hassle away from adjusting TV settings to get the best picture quality possible. Aside from all of that, this TV can also be used to listen to MP3 audio files and to view slideshows of JPEG photos.

    Price: $657.44

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    LG Infinia 50PK750 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV

    LG INFINIA 50PK750 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV This TV's goal is to provide the best picture quality available, so that's why it was developed to pass the industry standard certification for gamma, color temperature and luminance, which is the THX Display certification. It achieved this kind of picture quality via 600Hz refresh rate, a TruBlack Filter that ensures superior picture quality even in the brightest room, a Dual XD Engine andf a protective Skin Glass. The picture quality that passes the industry standard can also be used to view photos, streaming media from online sources like YouTube and Netflix, and all kinds of web content like news, stock quotes and game scores.

    Price: $938.98

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    LG 50PX950 50" Infinia 1080p Plasma 3D TV

    LG 50PX950 50 Most of the other LG 50" plasma TV models offer great picture quality and other features like the ability to display photos and web content, as well as play audio files, but this TV offers something more. It has 3D capability which is the next step in home entertainment. Not only does it support 3D, its 3D capability is certified by THX. This means as far as 3D TV sets are concerned, this is one of the best.

    Price: $1,799.97

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