Hummingbird 363 Fishfinder Review for The Educated Consumer

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Mark Fish, Know your Exact Location, and See Everything below your Boat

In this Hummingbird 363 Fishfinder review you’ll find out about all the salient features, functions, and performance notes regarding this offering from a well renowned industry leader in this type of technology. First off, the unit’s full name is the Hummingbird 363 Combo Fish Finder and GPS Chartplotter. That means it not only finds fish, but tells you where you are using GPS on a digital display which features everything going on below your boat. So obviously, this is a feature-laden device that offers a great deal more to the fishing enthusiast than just marking fish.

In order to make you a more informed and knowledgeable consumer, we’ve compiled concise reviews of three of the top offerings from Furuno, Lowrance, and Hummingbird in What Is the Best Saltwater Fishfinder. Learn what puts these makes and models on top there. Keep in mind that the Hummingbird 363 can be used in both fresh and saltwater though.

Capabilities, Features, and Functions (5 out of 5)

Hummingbird 363 Combo

The 363 Combo uses DualBeam Plus sonar and you can switch back and forth between 20 or 60 degree beams (depending upon your preference or where you’re fishing). Since you can also use both beam angles at the same time, you can get wide coverage and accurate bottom definition for depths down to 1000 feet while chugging along in your vessel.

Built-in UniMap features USA inland lakes, rivers, and coastal areas in four nautical mile resolution. That means you have a fishfinder that works in both fresh and saltwater, which is a huge selling point. The 4 inch 320 x 240 pixel resolution screen offers high-resolution readability in any light, even for night fishing (it can be backlit).The zoom adjusts 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x to better see your prey. You can even freeze the image at any point to take a closer look at structure down there. You’ll see the bottom layout, structure, and fish at speeds up to 70 mph.

With a 16-channel WAAS GPS receiver, the GPS part of this combo is very accurate and features the ability to plot 20 routes and store up to 750 waypoints. The user interface is rather intuitive and the unit can be customized to suit your viewing preferences. It even has a split screen option. Users report that the mount it comes with is a breeze to install. Since it disconnects easily, you can use it on more than one vessel too.

Performance and Conclusion (5 out of 5)

Missouri River

The 363 Combo performs with precision and competence in almost all your fishing settings. It’s rugged and dependable. The only downsides might be that the 4 inch screen is a little small for some fishing enthusiasts since other makes and models offer a larger viewing display. And the only complaints about performance revolve around it having a little difficulty getting a stable read in really shallow depths. Overall, for what you get all wrapped up in one package, this Hummingbird 363 Fishfinder review concludes that this unit is an excellent value for the money. Be advised that many of these types of products can easily cost $1000. Buy one at for $320.