Best PDA for Golf GPS - StarCaddy, Garmin GolfLogix, and Garmin Approach G3

Best PDA for Golf GPS - StarCaddy, Garmin GolfLogix, and Garmin Approach G3
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LinksPoint StarCaddy

LinksPoint StarCaddy is one of the best PDA for Golf GPS. In fact, LinksPoint is not into selling PDA devices. The StarCaddy is a GPS golf software system that comes pretty handy while playing Golf. The LinksPoint StarCaddy borrows its name from Golf Caddies. You can use the software on a range of PDAs.

Normally, the Golf GPS come for the entire course or for the personal use of golfers. When Golfers use GPS systems in their handhelds such as smartphones or PDAs or any dedicated Golf GPS device, they are more popularly known as Golf Caddies. Just for your knowledge, the GPS systems for entire course are normally owned by Golf Course owners and are attached to the Golf carts making it difficult for the GPS receiver to procure the GPS signals properly - as there may be several trees in the Golf Course that may obstruct the signals. Hence, I would always recommend an own Golf Caddy (a personal PDA for golf GPS) that can intercept the signals to read and provide you with the required data.

When you buy the LinksPoint StarCaddy, you get the following:

  1. StarCaddy Software
  2. StarCaddy MapManager
  3. StarCaddy Course Map(s)
  4. Quick Start Guide and
  5. User Guide

Once you install the StarCaddy on your PDA device, you can select from range of Golf-Course maps available with LinksPoint. Starting at a price of $49.95, the Golf GPS software for PDAs and other types of handhelds is worth a try. You get one map with $49.95. The rates increase with the number of maps you purchase. You can check out the software using the free trial version of the Golf GPS software for PDA (offers only 9 holes). If you like it, you can buy the StarCaddy from LinksPoint website. You can use the same software to simulate games on your PC as well - to hone your Golf skills.

The Garmin GolfLogix GPS

The Garmin GolfLogix GPS - Best PDA for Golf GPS

The Garmin Golflogix GPS is yet another of the best PDA for Golf with GPS. Unlike StarCaddy that can be used on any PDA, this software is available and runs only on the Garmin GolfLogix GPS handheld. The main features of this Golf Caddy are:

  1. Easy to understand multicolor interface;
  2. Specially designed Golf games GPS system - to display yardage on the golf course;
  3. Speed: calculates precise distances to the front, back, and center of the greens while including hazards;
  4. Storage: Can contain up to 20 golf courses at a time (you can select from more than 21800 courses online);
  5. Battery Life: Offers up to 22 hours of battery life

For a more detailed review please read The Garmin GolfLogix GPS. You can buy the Garmin GolfLogix GPS at Amazon to avail discounts.

Garmin Approach G3 GPS-Enabled Golf Handheld

Garmin Approach G3 GPS Enabled Golf Handheld

Another PDA for Golf with GPS from Garmin, this product offers features that not only help you play but also rewind a game and use it for training purpose. The main features are:

  1. The Garmin Approach G3 GPS Enable Golf Handheld offers precise distance information about the greenways, hazards, and fairways from virtually any point on the course;
  2. The unit automatically updates your position on the golf course and accordingly, recalculates the distance to each target;
  3. Can receive signals from up to 12 channels;
  4. The display size is 2.5 inches, giving you a detailed view of the courses;
  5. Fully charged, the handset can offer you 15 hours of battery life

The maps that come with the Garmin Approach G3 GPS Enabled Golf Handheld contain only the courses from US and Canada. You might want to consider this if you are living outside these countries.

This article covered three best PDA for Golf GPS. For more on Golf GPS, please check out Reviews of Golf Course GPS Devices.