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Geocaching Alabama for a Great Southern Experience

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 3/15/2010

There’s ample opportunity to geocache your way through Alabama whether you’re a resident or you’re planning a trip there and want to take your GPS device along for your favorite technical trek and seek game. This article gathers all the resource you need to help you plan the optimal experience.

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    Want to Find Geocaches in Alabama?

    “Geocache Alabama” sounds like a call to action for outdoor enthusiasts to throw their portable, handheld GPS devices into their packs and go discover this southern state using this hobby as the exploratory vehicle. In case you don’t know, geocaching entails tracking down treasures hidden in containers that other geocachers put there for you to find. It’s all about getting yourself physically to a set of coordinates where a cache is hidden and sometimes you have to use many of your mental faculties as well to solve riddles along the way.

    From the detailed information and relevant clues found on the Internet, the participant then uses a portable GPS device to find a specific cache by foot or on wheels; whatever the case may be. Before we get any further here, perhaps you’d like to learn How to Pack the Perfect Geocaching Backpack. That article gives you a worthy guide on what to bring along for various geocaching expeditions.

    One of the biggest draws of this hobby is, in fact, the collective nature of the experience. There is a sense of community in that the geocachers before and after your own particular experience feel even though you will most likely never meet them in anything other than the virtual world. This should motivate the best of you to leave an intriguing trinket in place of the one you find or if it’s a trackable coin, send it along on its journey across the world.

    The first time I ever planted my much younger, semi-reckless feet on that red Alabama clay was when I landed in a parachute after jumping out of an airplane (that curiously wasn’t experiencing any technical difficulties) which left from the army base in Ft. Benning, Georgia. There was a sign on the drop zone that said “Welcome to Alabama, Thanks for Dropping In.” Later that evening, in a bar called the Supper Club, near Auburn University, even funnier things occurred; but those memories are a whole lot foggier because of several rounds of a local elixir known as the “Alabama Slammer.” Much later that evening I actually did end up in an Alabama slammer for incoherently wandering in the middle of a road, something about possessing a fake ID, and probably because I was a Yankee. Before I digress any further, however; let’s get back to planning your more law abiding trip using the best resources available to get the most out of this outdoor hobby.

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    How and Where to Find Geocache Alabama

    Colorado® 400t The best place to discover where the caches are that you want to go find based on your skill level or to combine other interests is right here at the Alabama chapter of From there you have a drop down list of various cities and towns in the state of Alabama. Click on anyone of those places and all the geocache sites in that particular area will appear for you. You can also use their map feature which places an icon for all the state’s geocaches which you can zoom in and out of.

    By clicking on a site either way, you’ll get a general overview of what it entails, the level of difficulty mentally and physically, and all the down and dirty details you’ll need to plan the trip from start to finish. By the way if you’re a paying member of you can narrow your search by doing something called a ‘pocket query.’ That allows you to find sites that might entail any other factor you’re looking for by using keywords like ‘long hike’ or ‘historical landmark’ for instance.

    There are also other dedicated sites you can use as well such as,, and If you’re unfamiliar to the other activities you can partake in conjunction to geocaching, refer to Geocaching Plus your Other Interests Combined: The Best Places. That will show you that geocaching and mountain biking mix along with other activities you can multi-task with. That wraps up this segment of places to geocache in Alabama. Chances are that you can find information about other places not too far from where you live with just a little bit of searching on the GPS Navigation channel that we’re rather fond of. But get outside just as soon as you can; it will do your body and mind good.