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The Best New Voices for Your GPS

written by: KateG•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 11/4/2009

If you're sick of the standard voices that come with your TomTom or Garmin GPS system, maybe it's time to spice things up with a new voice or two on your device. In this article I examine 10 of the top GPS voices you can easily install on your GPS.

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    Admit it, the standard voice selections on your GPS have gotten to be a bit routine. It is not that you can not appreciate the level, calm tones that it speaks to you in, but there is just no magic in it anymore. This spark is gone. Maybe it is time to move on and meet someone new. Luckily for you that does not mean that you have to buy a whole new system. In many cases, you can get your hands on a new voice without paying to replace the whole of the system. Of course, not all voices are created equal. Some are way better then others. If you want to get some of the best voices then try one of the top ten.

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    The Voices

    Stewie from Family Guy

    Of course, Stewie will demand nothing less than utter submission from you as a driver, but his voice will without doubt, cut through the fog of noise coming from the radio. Expect to be told to, "Do what I say." Just be aware that this may not be the voice for you if you happen to have little ones in the car. Stewie does tend to swear when you miss a turn.

    Sean Connery

    A sexy voice with that amazing accent. If you need to class up your car then give Sean a try. His diction is very Bond style, and he also gives you some interesting tid bits along the way. If you are annoyed by any extra chatter, then you are going to have to skip on this suave brit.

    Homer Simpson

    OK, so Homer is not as classy as Sean, but he will get you laughing. If you want to hear, "Doh", every time you make a wrong turn, then give this a try. You will not be disappointed. Just be aware that this is the classic Homer voice. The one that you would have heard if you saw The Simpsons when they were part of The Tracy Almon Show, not the modern day Homer you may be used to.


    The voices of Portal will be brought to your car. If you are a hardcore gamer then this is a voice that you will enjoy without too many special effects. For those of you who have not played a lot of Portal, think of a high pitched and stilted robot voice.


    Bring the king into your car. Sure, some of the older users will appreciate this as it is, but younger users may enjoy the voice on an ironic level. Clearly younger Elivs, not the older one. Be aware that he does sing every once and a while, and will refer to you as "Mama." If this bugs you try another voice.

    Captain Jack Sparrow

    A solid voice to sterr your ship by. Just don't take his advice about the rum. Cops won't believe you when you tell them that the captain told you to do it. This is one of the best parody voices out there, and it will sometimes sing you sections of "A Pirates Life for Me."


    A classic car voice in you car. Anyone who came of age in the 80's will enjoy this title. This voice happens to be customized. If you give it your name it will call you by it when you start up the GPS.

    Kim Cattrall

    One sexy voice for one sexy car. Just don't let her talk you into anything too naughty. Just be aware that she can be more than a little bit wordy. If you need to drive in tight spaces, say Manhattan, her long diatribes may not be the best choice.

    Optimus Sub-Prime

    Optimus Sub-Prime is a voice that is the little brother of Optimus Prime. Not quite the copyright voice, but similar to it. You will enjoy the similarity. It is a bit more gravely and yet, high pitched. Not a good option if you get headaches easily.


    Sebastian is your suave and sexy voice. Think of him as your personal major domo, and you will not be disappointed in this selection. He is a UK voice, so if you choose him be ready to hear about getting on the roundabout and other terms that may take some adapting to as a US driver. Nonetheless, he is very soothing.

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    Where Can I Get These Voices?

    You can get these specific voices from two different sites, Pigtones and Navtones. There you will also find samples of the voices. That way you can sample the tones before you buy.

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    Which GPS Models Will These Tones Work For?

    These tones are available for TomTom and Garmin GPS models. If you have any model by these makers, then you can enjoy these custom voices.

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    Now you can get your GPS a new voice without any stress. Just be sure to enable the new voice so that you can hear it. Otherwise you will just be wasting your hard drive space.

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    Buying the voice and getting it onto your GPS are two different things. Here are the install instructions, by model.

    Garmin GPS Models

    1. purchase and download voice to desktop
    2. Down load GARMIN INSTALLER
    3. Install your voice with the installer, this is a wizard with two steps. First choose your voice, then click on install.

    Tom Tom GPS Models

    1. Download the file of your selected voice (a .zip file) to your desktop
    2. Unzip the file
    3. Double click on the tomtom.exe file.The voice should install on its own from there.