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What are the Top Garmin GPS Models?

written by: Jogabs•edited by: Heather Marie Kosur•updated: 8/9/2010

Founded under the principle of innovation, convenience, performance, value, and service Garmin is here to offer the market only the best GPS products. And as the Garmin GPS continues to adapt and improve, more and more GPS devices are offered by the company. But, what are the top Garmin GPS devices?

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    Garmin GPS Price

    The best among the Garmin GPS devices range from the price of $180.00 to $350.00. This price range is based on their features, portability, and models. The best Garmin GPSs according to actual users are the nuvi 265T GPS, Garmin Oregan 300 GPS, nuvi 765T GPS, nuvi 755T GPS, and nuvi 885T GPS.

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    Garmin nuvi 265T


    The Garmin nuvi 265T was released in October of 2008. It promises a price that fits your budget as well as GPS device features that will get you somewhere. This GPS is a vehicle device that offers a lifetime traffic service, Bluetooth functionalities, DEM maps that have been preloaded, and faster route alternatives. This Garmin device acquired an average of 81% rating from its users all over the world.

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    Garmin Oregon 300

    garmin oregon When it comes to touch screen GPS, the Garmin Oregon 300 is surely in the top rank as reviewed by the users. Preloaded with a world based map, this handheld GPS device lets you navigate without touching any buttons. The high-sensitivity feature of this Garmin lets you travel with ease and convenience. The Oregon 300 can be customized for automotive, fitness, geocache, marine, or recreation functions.

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    Garmin nuvi 756T

    garmin nuvi 765 

    The nuvi 756T GPS emerged from the Garmin nuvi series and is another portable navigator from Garmin that became a favorite. Aside from the lifetime traffic services, it was also created to provide road lane assistance, 3D POIs, high sensitivity tracking capability, a clear display screen at a size of 4.3 inches, and preloaded maps.

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    Garmin nuvi 755T


    Built with advanced 3D mapping and a wide display screen, the nuvi 755T GPS will let you navigate your way out of the traffic. Packed with the entire maps of Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US, you surely have the right device on board. The nuvi 755T is built with nearly six million points of interest saved on its memory, which will lead you to the right place.

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    Garmin nuvi 885T

    garmin nuvi885 

    The nuvi 885T is a car GPS that has voice recognition capability. Its memory is filled with preloaded maps of Northern America. This device can also add maps and re-route automatically and also has Bluetooth capabilities. Street names and driving alternatives are prompted through voice. You can also input addresses and get voice guides until you reach your exact destination. The Garmin nuvi 855T GPS also lets you save up to 500 waypoints and ten different routes. You can also view times of different parts of the world with its built-it world clock, view pictures, and play MP3s while driving.

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    These five best GPS devices from one of the top GPS manufacturers were rated by users from different parts of the world. So, if you are planning to get a GPS device that would let you enjoy the road, then you should definitely check out for these five GPS devices from Garmin.