Wondering How to Get History from Garmin GPS Devices? Let Bright Hub Show You!

Getting Your GPS History

Garmin GPS systems are powerful devices that allow you to find a destination. You can also find current gas prices or the nearest point of interest. Yet, what do you do if you want to go back to a particular location? Can you pull up your history on a Garmin GPS device?

Well, figuring out how to get history from Garmin GPS devices is not as easy as it seems. In fact, the device doesn’t really save your history. You usually have to reenter the address every time you want to go someplace.

Adding Your Home Location

Garmin Menu

You can, however, create your own history by saving your address. The most important place that all of us want to get back to is home. So, add your home address to your Garmin GPS by following the below directions:

1. Go to the Garmin device page.

2. Then, go to Where To, and select Home.

3. Input your home address.

If you move to a different location, delete the original home location.

1. Go to the Garmin device page, and to the Menu.

2. Then, select Tools, Manage My Data and My Locations.

3. Find Home amongst this list of saved locations, and select it.

4. Press Delete, and Yes to delete your home location.

Creating Saved Locations

You may also want to save the location of a frequently visited spot that isn’t your home. To do this, follow these directions:

1. Go to Menu, and then go to the Save button.

2. Click OK.

Garmin saves the address of the latest location.

You can also create a New Saved Location by following the below steps:

1. Go to the Menu, and select Tools.

2. Go to Manage My Data and then My Locations

3. Click on Manage and New Location.

4. Input the address for the location that you want to save.

Deleting Locations

Your Garmin GPS device only has a limited memory. So, you may want to delete a few locations to save space on your device. To edit your locations, follow these steps:

1. Go into the Menu, and select Tools.

2. Go to Manage My Data and My Locations

3. Select the location that you want to edit.

4. Go to Menu, and pick one of the following options:

a. Delete: Deletes the location from your GPS memory.

b. Change Name: Gives the location a different name.

c. Change Categories: You can assign the location a category. This allows you to change the category that it’s currently in.

d. Change Location: Change the address of the location.

e. Change Symbol: You can give each address a symbol, which shows up on the GPS map. This option allows you to change the symbol.

While this isn’t the easiest way to figure out how to get history from Garmin GPS devices, it’s really the only way to save your data. Then, you can review all of your past or most important locations. You can then download your saved locations to your computer if you want to back them up.