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Free GPRS GPS Satellite Tracking Software

written by: Brenda Barrett•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 3/30/2011

There are some things in life that are free... and useful too. Check out these free GPRS, GPS satellite tracking software programs that are available on the market.

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    There are several free GPS and GPRS satellite tracking software programs that are available online by various companies. They offer real solutions for businesses who are desirous of maintaining and managing inventory and time, vehicle tracking and billing and several other functions. They are also useful to individuals who are on the go and would appreciate the helpfulness of modern technology. Five of these free GPRS and GPS software combos are discussed below.

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    LocationBot Lite v1.3

    A favorite software among Android users. The LocationBot is an Android app that adjusts he settings on your phone according to your GPS location, it does things like switch your phone to silent if you are in the office or switch WiFi when you are at home or it can turn the volume of your speaker up in traffic or down when at work. It uses both GPS and GPRS technology for this feature. If your GPS is turned on, it uses your location, if turned off it obtains information from the nearest cell tower. This free version allows two location profiles to be saved along with a default profile. The full version cost about US $2.

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    Fleet Management v1

    This free GPRS, GPS tracking software is perfect for businesses that need to manage and track their fleets. It includes solutions such as vehicle tracking, big unit tracking and GPS trailer tracking. The hardware device is as small as a credit card and the software can do such things as: detecting vehicle movement whether the ignition is turned on or off, tells when a vehicle is speeding and tells you when your vehicle is due for service. Among other things, this software seems like a total solution in a small package. Size: 760 KB

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    Easy Time Tracking v3.0.7

    These days, time is money and the Easy Time Tracking allows you to create invoices and reports, manage customers, projects and tasks. It also has the unique distinction of allowing the user to track billable and non-billable hours. This solution is mostly relevant to individual contractors for which time is critical. It is a very good solution for companies that want to track employees' or contractors' time, have the detailed statistics how time is spent and to know how profitably the time was spent. Persons who will benefit from this software include Writers, Accountants, Lawyers, Construction Workers and many others.

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    Lab Scanner v2.0.0

    This is a powerful combination of GPS and GPRS technology with Lab Scanner. It allows users to track the geographical origin of most IP addresses in the world. It can also trace an IP address; retrieve information regarding network speeds and other data. Additionally you can obtain information regarding your own internet connection, IP address and network adapters.

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    IPSearchLight GeoLocator

    This free GPRS GPS satellite tracking software is handy when you want to pinpoint the geographic location of web users to a country, state or even zip code. A handy tool for business, especially in the area of target marketing.

    These great resources cost $0 and are easy to use.


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